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7-10-04 we shal meet agen mm fans zero's matrix after 4 years of service to the mm cuminty is clossing her doors a end of a area do personal goals in real matrix has moved on and i can't main tain 2 sites lol but it has been working on both sites you can still get my megaman enterent still is going strong guess this it this jinx singning off for the last update at zm my she rest in piece
the fallowing is a tribute to these three site
basses domain    owner bass
saturn's domain  owner saturn
zero's doamin     owner matrix
zero's 'matrix      owner matrix

remember these names??? 
1998-2004  may these site of greatness r.i.p.
site names of copy right please do not revive them
note! you can some time see bass and matrix visit mme i know i'll be there -jinx=