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Arrow Week 1 ( 10/29/04 ) - Personally, I never really liked creating web pages made up of frames. However,...(Click Here)
Arrow Week 2 ( 11/06/04 ) - Photoshop and Fireworks are both graphics programs that are popularly used for designing banners, logos and images for use with web pages. However...(Click Here)
Arrow Week 3 ( 11/13/04 ) - Web pages now have almost evolved into sophisticated "applications" of some sort. They have become dynamic and interactive. But...(Click Here)
Arrow Week 4 ( 11/21/04 ) - We will be doing Dreamweaver soon. It is commonly known as a WYSIWYG web creation tool. What does...(Click Here)
Arrow Week 5 ( 11/28/04 ) - Do a research on Streaming Video and tell us all about it...(Click Here)
Arrow Week 6 - There are a number of websites that give tutorials in Flash. Some of them have been there since version 3... (Click Here)
Arrow Week 7(CLick Here)
Arrow Week 8(Click Here)

* Zeros & Ones Technology would like to welcome every programming geek out there. This is my temporary page, which was made for a class in web design at DeVry. I had an excellent professor, and if you like to see what material we covered click on the Class discussion links to read his dilemmas.

Please be patient, i will gradually update this site will tools, downloadable source codes, and thread posting, so we can interact on crucial topics on technology. Please feel free to email me if you any useful ideas for this page, because i am making it for us; additionally, if you have any general questions you can also email me. Until then, " Live long and prosper ."



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GNU Head Proud follower of the GNU tradition and mission statement. I believe in free source circulation.

Free source codes - C++ Slide object, Number Mapping, and Name
conversion object.
New York DeVry Chat - Post threads daily about various topics. - Current website project
Technical Discussion - Latest discovers in technology today.
PC Optimizing- How to manage your PC effectively.
Movie Clips - YMCA Basketball Games

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