Zero Theorem Breaks Up:Well, although we tried to settle our differences, somethings tend to be inevitable. Zero Theorem is no longer together, however Jon, Adam, and myself and continued on to a new band named Inimica. Ted will be finishing out his duties with Smoot Zero until they go there seperate ways. I'd like to think that I speak for all of Zero Theorem when I say that we're all proud of what it was, and that it was a key stepping stone in all of our personal developments as musicians. I'd personally like to wish Ted the best of luck in his future musical projects. We'd all like to thank everyone that has ever supported us in anyway. We'll leave the site up for your viewing pleasure, but this will be the last post made on here. Feel free to mourn or talk shit in the guestbook. We hope to see you out at Inimica and Smoot Zero shows. Thank you.-Chaz

May 17th, 2004:First off, a big thanks to all the bands who played at VR stock, you all rocked. Thanks to all the people who came out to VR stock for the music, not looking to destroy the building and fight kids from other towns. There will be no more shows at the produce market thanks to the kids who decided it would be a good idea to jump off the walls untill they broke. Anyway we're not giving up on running shows, we're gonna try to get some regular bands to play shows with us at another venue. We're also gonna try to build up a huge mailing list to promote our shows this summer too so if you want to support the local music scene send us an e-mail. Check back for more details about upcoming shows and whatever new venue we can find. Reguarding the future of ZT, we hit a rough patch but we're gonna try to work things out and stick together. If you're a MTHS student make sure to check us out with Smoot and CMI at afterprom. That's all for now. Peace ~ Jon

April 26th, 2004:VeggieRock Stock is shaping up to be a huge all day festival with 14 bands on the bill. It's gonna be crazy so make sure to come. Check out the shows page for the details. There will be news posted soon regaurding the future of Zero Theorem so check back to see what's up with that. Everyone remember, Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine, into your brain, and that's where shitty ideas come from. That's right, shitty ideas. See you all at VR stock ~ Jon

April 6th, 2004:Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. VeggieRock Stock is coming up. This is gonna be the final show held at DeVico's Produce market before it re-opens so we're gonna make it something to remember. So far 6 bands are on the bill, and there are more to come. We plan to have this show last from mid afternoon through the night, about 8 hours total! Still only $5. Check out the shows page for more details. In other news, ZT is on EarAche FM. You can check that out by clicking the button to the left and maybe we'll be on. As far as the release of our CD is concerned we're most likely going to re-mix some of the songs. Sorry to say but it will be a while longer before we get that done and get the CDs pressed, however, we might put one or two of our songs on the songs page to download so keep checking back for that. Peace dawgs ~ Jon

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