Kijana project was designed by youth from around the world and is involved in several activities: 1) helping youth whose parents have died of AIDS; 2) educating youth world wide about HIV/AIDS through this web site, newspapers, youth publications, broadcasts, speaking engagements, and internet publications; 3) providing counseling to youth affected by HIV/AIDS; 4) helping other youth who want to start community service projects; and 5)
promote international understanding, humanitarianism, and cultutal exchange among project members.  Though founded and run by youth, the project has a few adult members who share their expertise and assistance.

Currently Kijana is helping children in a village in Zimbabwe, and assisting both the Mother of Peace Orphanage in Zimbabwe and the Center for Development Support Initiatives in Nigeria.  We are also trying to help families headed by children.  We have educated millions of people around the world, mainly youths, about HIV/AIDS.  Because it is an international project all the youth in the project are involved in cultural exchange and positive international relationships.
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