Brooklands Race Track

Lionel King started working for Anglo American Oil just before the First World War. After the war he was invited to take up his old position at the Brooklands Depot. At the Brooklands depot Lionel was involved in organising the refueling of the race cars and motorbikes. He also took part in the testing of new fuels and fuel mixtures.

Linoel King worked at Brooklands from 1918 to 1924.

The interior of the Anglo American Oil Depot at Brooklands Race Track. Lionel King is sixth from the left.

The lady rider recieving attention to her machine is Gwenda Jansen, later Stewart, later Hawkes, possibly in the record attempt in July 1922 for the "Double 12". The bike is a Trump with JAP engine. Lionel King is on the right wearing the hat leaning over the bike.

The Morgan Grand Prix is the MAG engined factory car driven by Billy Else in the 1921 ACU 6 Days Trial. On Monday August 29th, before the Trial proper started all machines were drained of fuel and refuelled with known amount to allow fuel consumption tests to be undertaken.

A queue of Motor Bikes and Side cars waiting to have there fuel tanks drained and filled before the Trial.

The first test that day was a downhill test of brakes on the Test Hill.

Motorbikes being tested on the Hill Climb test track can be seen in the in the background on the right. The Banked curve of the track can be seen in the background on the left.

A display of Lanchesters in the Paddock, in front of the grandstand overlooking the Finishing Straight, which had lock up workshops beneath. The left hand car is a 40hp, presumably new at this time. The next appears to be the unusual racer devised by Tommy Hann, which he named "Hoieh-Wayaryeh-Gointoo", the legend visible on the side of the bonnet. The third is a pre 1907 tiller steered Lanchester. Photo probably circa 1922

Paddock shot, the ornamental roof being on top of the Clubhouse. Probably circa 1922.

I wish to thank John Alderson for his information about the photographs.

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