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Hassan Zirak

which he lived from 1921 to 1972

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Hassan Zirak (1921-1972)

Hassan Zirek, was born in 1921 in Hermila, a small village in the Bookan region, The Iranian part of Kurdistan. He showed his talent for singing in his early age. Zirek suffered very much in his life and he was forced to go to exile where he experienced a very hard life, jailed and tortured several times.

In 1953 left for Kurdistan of Iraq and recorded a great number of songs in Kurdish for Kurdish section of the Baghdad broadcasting station.

In 1957 when he was 30 returned to Kurdistan of Iran for cooperation with music band of the Kurdish radio station in Kermanshah city where he recorded many Kurdish songs.

With his own style to Kurdish songs, he renewed hundreds of Kurdish folk songs. Zirek and his wife Midya Zand had two daughters (Arezoo & Sakar) who currently live in Tehran, Iran.

Hassan Zirek died from cancer at age 51 in 26 June 1972 and was buried in his native city Bokan. He is still one of the most popular and well known singers in Kurdistan.

122 Songs for Hassan Zirak are available for Download !

Ai Mang Aman Ductor Amene - 1 Amene Nazanene Amene Surgul Amene - 2
Amrakam - 1 Amrakam - 2 Amrakam - 3 Newroz Daine - 1 Daine - 2
Amshaw Arazu Bawanim Hairo La Bakhan Nazanim
Wara Qurbana Ho Layla Kawiar Hai Bena Poems -1 Poems - 2
Poems - 3 Poems - 4 Poems - 5 Amrakam - 4  Amrakam -5  Amrakam - 6
Amshaw  Are Naz  Asmer 1  Asmer 2  Asmere  Aw Kicha
Baran Barana 1 Baran Barana 2 Barda Barda Bawanakai Bawim Bot Mirdim Charoga
Charoga Hawleria Charoga Remix Dardit Lamin 1 Dardit Lamin 2 Dardit Lamin Rashasmar Dasmal
Dene Dene Maro Gawhare 2 Gawhare 1 Disan Shaw Hat Eran
Gowanda Hai Banaz Hai Bena 1 Hai Bena 2 Hai Eran Hai Malarzena
Hai Nar Hai Bena - Remix Harla Maghrib Har Waia 1 Har waia 2 Katana
Katana -Remix 1 Katan-Remix 2 Kermanshah Khotmasharawa Khuncha Kizhe Maro Juani
Kizholai Kurdistan Lai Lai 1 Lai Lai 2 Lanjai Yar Lem Ziza Lem Ziz Bua
Lorche 1 Lorche 2 Maqam 1 Maqam 2 Maqam 3 Maqam 4
Maqam 5 Maqam Dene Maqam Kermanshah Mazadar Nalashken Namdueni
Narenj lagal Harme1 Narenj lagal Harme2 Narm u Nol Naske Juane Nima Chara Nizam
Nooro Rukhsar1 Noori Rukhsar2 Qumri Rasti Razia Rebuar u Rebuar
Sablakh Sabri Shadalar Shaw Shaye Degere Shila Naske Juane
Wara Qurban Wara Wara Way Way Yarakam Yarakam Lachet Yari Nazanin
Zirak Be Mosica 1 Zirak Be Mosica 2 Zirak Be Mosica 3 Zirak Be Mosica 4 Zirak Be Mosica 5 Zirak Be Mosica 6
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