Zografos Arts, in theory, has been around for hundreds of years. The Zografos family has had a long tradition of producing artistic talent, and, in fact, the word Zografos means "artist" in the Greek Language.  In 1952, Dimitrios Zografos came to the United States and began to paint sceneries and landmarks all across the country.  In 1971, his son, Pantelis, followed with wife, Pauline, and they settled in Maidson, Wisconsin.  Dimitrios, who was still leading a nomadic lifestyle, finally settled in Raleigh, North Carolina, and convinced his son to bring his family there as the weather was less harsh than Wisconsin.  While Dimitrios started to gain recognition for his paintings of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Pantelis worked full-time to support his family, while painting in his spare time to supplement his income.  Then in 1988, Dimitrios tragically died in a car accident.  It was a turning point for Pantelis  as he decided to fully devote his life to his love of painting.  He quit his job and along with Pauline they started Zografos Arts.  Today, Pantelis is one of the most reputed Greek artists in America.  His watercolors display a flawless craftmanship instilled in his rich Greek blood with images of surrealism that take us to a mystical place we all long to be.