Massive Update!
Zolar X tour West Coast USA!
Zolar X Documentary in Production!
Zolar X soon to release
1974 versions of Space Age Love
and Energize Me
on clear vinyl 45!
October 23, 2005  22:10 CST (AP)

Since their re-emergence last June, Zolar X has played a handful of headlining gigs on the west coast, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and an encore engagement in San Jose. Now, on October 31 (Halloween), Zolar X plays the annual Alternative Tentacles Records showcase at the American Music Hall in San Francisco!  Also on the bill, Jello Biafra and The Melvins, The Dicks, Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, and Turn Me On Dead Man!

Last July, under the direction of Chuck Nolan (Zolar X webmaster), an aspiring film company from Springfield Illinois Productions named Epileptic Ego began filming and interviewing all surviving members of Zolar X. The documentary is tentatively titled Timeless - Starmen on Sunset.(title subject to change).  So far interviewed:  Ygarr Ygarrist, Jett Starsystems, Stefen Shady (Shady Lady - Zory Zenith's 1st band),  Lisa Fancher (Frontier Records), Rodney Bingenheimer (Mayor Of The Sunset Strip) Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's), The Hollywood Stars, Don Bolles (The Germs), and a multitude of spaced-out fans!  Epileptic Ego (Tim Large and Rhaine Heissinger) will continue filming Chuck's interviews with Zolar X in San Francisco October 31.  Tentative interviewees include Eon Flash, Jello Biafra, and Rick Maymi (Ed Dorn of Zolar X's nephew, and member of Brian Jonestown Massacre!) Many more to come!  The film promises to tell the entire story of Zolar X - in the words of the participants!  This will be achieved within the context of the reunion concerts.  Finally, the film will be a celebration of both the west coast glam and punk rock eras!

To see the trailer, CLICK HERE!

Last, but certainly not least - final artwork/design/liner notes have been delivered to Ygarr Ygarrist for the release of a 45 Zolar X's first 2 recordings (Space Age Love b/w Energize Me).  These recordings differ from the versions heard on Alternative Tentacles' Timeless.  They feature original bassist Zany Zatovian, and sound more "alien" than the more conventional Timeless versions.  Fans of Devo, Chrome, or Iggy should truly rejoice - these are the very same recordings once heard at Rodney's English Disco on a limited edition acetate (10 were printed!)  This will be the rarest of the rare - limited edition of 1,000!  Art by original Zolar X artist Armando Norte, Stephen Banes, and notes by Chuck Nolan/Tellmarr Tory.  Released by the band, i.e. The Deliar Spacer Corporation!  Stay tuned!

Zolar X Rocks San Jose - their first gig in 24 years!
June 23, 2005  23:59 CST (Reuters)



The ultimate ambition behind The Zolar X Website was achieved on June 18, 2005 at San Jose CA's The Blank Club - the reunion of Zolar X!  This time around Zolar X was a power trio, that included guitarist/primary singer Ygarr Ygarrist (Stephen Della Bosca), original drummer Eon Flash (Craig Rhinehart).  The trio was solidly rounded out by new bass player Jett Starr (formerly Jet Black) who's former musical credits include the 1980 band The Bony Devils (with Brian Gregory of The Cramps), and a 2 year stint as a DJ for famed 70's club Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco.

The show at San Jose was a professional rock and roll show, that did not compromise any of the theatrics that Zolar X became legendary for.  They modified the stage with a drum riser and special silver space age encasements for their amplifiers.  The band spent nearly 2 weeks before the show constructing the stage set, and when the lights went down, and neon lights began to twinkle inside the amplifiers, the effect was nothing less than extraordinary.

According to Ygarr Ygarrist, the costumes were very similar to those worn by the band in the glorious Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco era.  Black suits with silver tubular cuffs, and clear tubular belts, were topped off by Spock/Brian Jones style moptops.  Ygarr managed to find his original antennae!

Most importantly, the music was tight.  Ygarr's ability to sing and play complex riffs at the same time, was amazing to behold; the band is a powerful live unit.  Eon kept rock solid time, playing a drum kit, which according to him, was an exact replica of what Keith Moon played in the early 70's.  Jett kept a firm foundation under Ygarr's flights of fretboard fancy, and is a great new addition.  The crowd's reaction was highly positive.  People were stunned by the visual grandeur, and actually screaming the titles of songs as well as the lyrics, much to the amazement of Ygarr! The set was filmed by Zolar X webmaster/scribe Chuck Nolan, for a possible upcoming Zolar X documentary! Stay tuned.

Set List for July 18, 2005: Timeless. Science. Test Tube Baby. My Life, My Dream (NEW!). Silver Shapes. GT3. Helmet. I'm plugged In (Unreleased from the 70's!). Mirrors. Dreamy Passer By (NEW!). FE1142. Astro Tots (NEW!). Blues On Blue. Speed Of Thought (NEW!). Overture On Air. Jet Star 19. Rocket Roll. Space Age Love.

In conclusion, the show on June 18 was the work of a fully revitalized band.  In the grand tradition of Zolar X - Ygarr promises new costumes and music for future dates.  Future bookings include July 8th at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and finally - Zolar X makes their grand return to LA on July 23 at The Knitting Factory!

First Zolar X Reunion Gig Confirmed!
May 15, 2005  22:06 CST (AP)

Ygarr Ygarrist of Zolar X revealed the location for the first Zolar X reunion gig - The Blank Club in San Jose, CA.

Saturday June 18th $8
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave.
Downtown San Jose

State of the Zolar X Union Address!
February 2, 2005  20:01 CST (Reuters).


In a massive update today, Ygarr Ygarrist updated his minions on all matters related to Zolar X.  Ygarr is heading to Sacremento on February 19th to once again hook up with original Zolar X drummer Eon Flash, to prepare/rehearse for upcoming musical projects.  At this time, Eon and Ygarr will also secure the services of an earthling seamstress, to construct attire for Zolar X (version 2005).  Preliminary sketches received by the Zolar X website reveal the new costumes to be loyal to vintage Zolarian aesthetics, with minor revisions.  The third member of Zolar X, Ufoian Ufar will not be present for the February 19th meeting, but he is in the process of contructing props for the upcoming Zolar X live gigs.  In other mindblowing developments, 2 key members of the Deliar Spacer Corporation of the 70's have been re-located, Zany Zatovian (1st bassplayer) and Armando Norte (Zolar X's illustrator).  More news on this as it develops.  On a final note, top rated Los Angeles radio host and former Sex Pistol Steve Jones is apparently a Zolar X fan, and has been repeatly playing cuts from the Timeless CD on his radio show.  Thanks Steve!

Zory Zenith Defense Fund Established
January 31, 2005  20:12 CST (AP)

As many of you know by now, after reading the article 'Lost In Space' in issue 132 of MOJO Magazine (UK), former Zolar X frontman Zory Zenith was incarcerated in 2003 for a fight he contends was in self-defense.  In a strange turn of events, despite the fact there were NO WITNESSES as to what happened, Zory received the maximum sentence of 10 years, and he will not be free until 2012, without your help.  Suffice to say, if Zory had the funds to secure competent legal representation, he would be a free man today.  Zory Zenith implores everyone to please send a donation (no amount too small) or information on any lawyer willing to work pro bono to him.
Any donation virtually guarantees a personal response.  Limited edition products and autographs will soon be made available on the website to support his defense.

More Zolar X reunion talk!
November 23, 2004  17:12 CST (AP)

Inspired by the success of the Alternative Tentacles release of Timeless, Ygarr Ygarrist is still contemplating a live show - with former Zolar X members Ufoian Ufar and Eon Flash.  Ygarr has been contacted by a reputable promoter, and Ygarr has agreed to do at the very least, one show on the west coast.  Ygarr was initially hesitant to re-create the antennae/mop topped look of Zolar X - but he's now in the process of sketching the band's attire for 2005!  Zolar X's new look promises to stay true to the vintage sci-fi (antennae-mop tops-boots) look of their past, with some alterations to compliment a middle aged alien!  More news as it develops!

Zolar X's Timeless available NOW!
August 5th, 2004 17:12 CST (Reuters)

According to the Alternative Tentacles website, the long awaited Zolar X compilation Timeless is NOW available, earlier than the previously mentioned August 24th release date.  According to the fine folks at ATR, copies of the CD and LP are being sent to the webmaster of the official Zolar X website. Expect a full review soon!

Zolar X MP3's now available at Alternative Tentacles website
July 7th, 2004 17:21 CST (AP)

Go to the  Alternative Tentacles Website and the modern world can get it's first listen to Zolar X - a 70's band that both dressed and acted like space aliens, onstage and off!  The LP and CD will be available August 24th!

Track listing for Alternative Tentacles' Zolar X release revealed.
July 4th, 2004 15:45 CST (Reuters)

Working drafts of the LP and CD covers, of Alternative Tentacles August 24th release, Zolar X's 'Timeless' were recently viewed by the Zolar X webmaster.  The cover is beautiful, the liner notes and photos are extensive.  'Timeless' is everything a Zolar X fan, or someone curious to find out who they were, could ask for.  The track listing for the LP is as follows:

LP Side One:

1. Recitation
2. Timeless
3. Science
4. Test Tube Babies
5. Rocket Roll
6. Mirrors
7. Jet Star 19
8. Space Age Love
9. Energize Me

LP Side Two:

1. The Horizon Suite
Overture on Air/Tommorrow's Sunrise/Inside The Outside/Sound Barrier
2. Blues On Blue
3. The Nativity Trilogy
What Is Music/Moonbeams

CD Track Listing:

1. Recitation
2. Timeless
3. Science
4. Test Tube Babies
5. Rocket Roll
6. Mirrors
7. Jet Star 19
8. Space Age Love
9. Energize Me
10. The Horizon Suite
Overture on Air/Tommorrow's Sunrise/Inside The Outside/Sound Barrier
11. I Pulled My Helmet Off
12. The Nativity Trilogy
13. What Is Music?
14. Moonbeams
15. Blues On Blue
16. FE1142
17. GT3
18. Silver Shapes
19. Parallel Galaxies
20. The Plutonian Elf Story

New Ygarr Ygarrist material surfaces!
June 27th, 2004 17:31 CST (AP)

A cassette tape arrived in the mailbox of the Zolar X webmaster containing 15 brand new songs composed by Ygarr Ygarrist in 2004. Described as "works in progress," it is evident that Ygarr has lost none of his musical chops or creative drive.  Despite the familiar voice and playing of Ygarr, the songs couldn't really be described as Zolar X revisited, for Ygarr describes his latest output as "new era waltzes," or "soundtrack" material, and "really beautiful melodies, mainstream (and) not spacey."  Ygarr, excited about Zolar X's 70's music being released, describes his current musical drive as "high."

Zolar X Reunion?
June, 20, 2004  18:12 CST (Reuters)

A reunited "power trio" version of Zolar X, with Eon Flash (drums), Ufoian Ufar (bass) and Ygarr Ygarrist (guitar, synths, vocals) is planning a "jam session" in Sacremento CA.  For the first time since 1980, Zolar X will be working together.  At press time, recording is the primary goal - though Ygarr says a live gig is not out of the question.

Zolar X release OFFICIAL!
May 20, 2004 19:04 CST (Reuters)

This is the official statement from Alternative Tentacles:  "Finally in August Alternative Tentacles will continue the Reissues of Necessity series with a collection by the obscure, 70's LA space-glam quartet, Zolar-X. Jello Biafra originally discovered Zolar-X in high school when he read an article about them in Lenny Kaye's "Rock Scene". Over the top spacesuit costumes, spock ears and antennae feelers give a visual picture of the band. Jello has described them as the missing link between Chrome & The Stooges. 'Timeless' will be released as an LP featuring Zolar's bona-fide rock gems, while the CD will also include their amazing later period prog epics as well. "Timeless" is set for release on August 24th."


Ygarr Ygarrist located! Zolar X's official release to be on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label.
March 30, 2004, 19:32 CST (AP)

Ygarr Ygarrist, guitarist for long lost LA glam-rock band Zolar X has finally been located after extensive detective work by the "official" Zolar X website.  Ygarr (a.k.a. Steve Della Bosca) has conducted EXTENSIVE interviews for the long awaited article on Zolar X.  We are happy to report the definitive Zolar X collection will be released by Alternative Tentacles Records - a label helmed by Jello Biafra, the esteemed political activist, and punk rock icon.  Ygarr's reel to reel tapes (which sound fantastic) were mastered late 2003 at Fantasy Studio in Berkeley CA.  Ygarr promises an "album for collectors" as well as a CD.  Ygarr is not sure about the exact release date, but he estimates a July/August of 2004 release. Final track selections are not available at press time, but Ygarr promises the entire Timeless LP and many additional (never before released) tracks.  A four song opus entitled the Horizon Suite - which was split into 4 separate songs on 1982's Timeless - will finally be available in it's intended long uninterrupted form.  Liner Notes will be by Chuck Nolan.  The LP and CD will most likely contain extensive photos, liner notes/booklet, and the high quality cover art that Alternative Tentacles is known for.  The "official Zolar X website" promises new photos and surprises for the month of April, and up to the minute news as it breaks.

Excerpts from upcoming Zolar X article available in Fall 2002 issue of Horizontal Action Magazine.
July 1, 2002, 17:19 CST (AP)

Chicago IL's notorious punk rock and roll magazine has published a 2 page exclusive Zolar X article in their Fall 2002 issue.  Back issues are available for purchase through

The Official Zolar X website is now in full construction mode.  The wait will soon be over!
January 27, 2002, 22:09 EST (Reuters)

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, construction on The Official Zolar X website was delayed for most of 2000.  However, progress is now being made to acquire copies of Zory's extensive slide collection, to include in the upcoming pages. Amazing magazine ads featuring Zory's first band Shady Lady will be included, as well as vintage fliers, and many surprises.  New Wave Nolan, the site's webmaster, has completed his article tentatively titled (for lack of a better title, ha ha) PERSONALITY CRISIS, MOONAGE DAYDREAMS, A SIX PACK OF SCHLITZ, AND THE GOSPEL OF ZOLAR X.  The article features Zory Zenith and special guest commentators Brendan Mullen (co-author of the brand new book WE GOT THE NEUTRON BOMB) and Jello Biafra, lead singer of The Dead Kennedys, head of Alternative Tentacles Records, and political activist. Most exciting of all, interest has been shown regarding a full on Zolar X reissue.  This will be an exciting year for Zolar X fans, so stay tuned!

New Zory Zenith alias band Billy Bo Day Website has been completed!
January 23, 2002, 01:04 CST (Reuters)

In 1978, a year after Elvis' Death and about 2 years before Zolar X's last show, Zolar frontman Zory Zenith perfected yet another alter-ego, pompadoured hip shaking rockabilly artist Billy Bo Day! Billy wowed West Coast audiences with extended stints in Vegas.  Billy has recently gone into post production on a Billy Bo Day CD, but the release date is currently unknown.  The website is located at

Zolar X appear in quinessential new book on L.A. Glam and Punk Rock 1972-1980.
November 13, 2001, 17:59 CST (AP)

Yes, Zolar X are now officially part of Rock and Roll history! If you enjoyed Legs McNeil's book Please Kill Me, which was an oral history of the N.Y. punk movement, then by all means, run to the bookstore.  Marc Spitz and Brendan Mullen's new book WE GOT THE NEUTRON BOMB gives the same quality treatment to the L.A. punk and glam scene from '72 to '80.  A picture of Zory Zenith starts out chapter one, and a few excerpts are taken from New Wave Nolan's upcoming article on Zolar X.  The book starts out interestingly enough with the more obscure cutting edge acts like Christopher Milk, Zolar X, The Berlin Brats, etc.  We move thru the nebulous transition from glam to punk with groups like The Quick, and The Runaways.  Finally, we have a full on assault of L.A. punk, Dickies, Fear, X, Screamers, Weirdos, Germs, The Go-Gos, and many more.


Zolar X shown on VH1 series "From Below The Waist!
August 1, 2001, 11:33 CST (AP)

Lisa Fancher from Frontier Records informs us that an amazing color photograph of Zolar X taken by Julian Wasser will be seen on VH1.  The picture show Zolar X performing at Rodney Bingerheimer's English Disco and will be seen on the show "From Below the Waist," August 9th at 10pm PST on VH1.  To check for subsequent showings, I would suggest checking out ROCK ON TV , a great website for locating rock on television.