About Me
I am MISSING! I am a 7 year old (baby dog) I am a shih-tzu mix..I am a small dog, I weigh about 7-8 pounds, my hair may be a little longer  now than in my picture, but not too long ..I have been missing since March 2003.I am from a very loving family that I have been with since I was born.I am from Myrtle Beach ,South Carolina..I was visiting in North Carolina when I got lost!Please help me get back home!My daddy is sick, and I really wanna go back home to be with him, I also miss my mommy and my whole family..If you have seen me any where please contact my family...at zomanda@hotmail.com
I know that they want me home soooo bad that they would PAY to find me!!!!CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK HOME??
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Name: zomanda73
Email: zomanda@hotmail.com