The Ranch used to be a happy place. The sun shined all day. The birds sang their happy songs. The Sea-Monkeys swam in peace.
But then something happened.....

The Sun quit shining on the Ranch. The birds? Never quite sure what happened to them . They just never came back... The Sea-Monkeys? Dead. All of them. Strangest thing. They were eating each other. It was nightmare come true. At night I can still hear the screaming.

Some people say the land the Ranch is built on is evil and cursed. They say it was used for the devil's work. I am beginning to think I could of prevented this. I heard the stories before I bought this place. I never paid any attention or even believed the "ghost stories". I believe now......Who am I?..... I am OUTBACK RAY. I own this place.

We at the Ranch are gearing this site to the Horror fan that gets into everything spooky. The fun thing about being into this genre is everything that goes with it. To us, movies are just a small part of it. Sitting out in the darken woods telling ghost stories are just as fun as sending hours in front of the television watching an Argento film. Walking through a cool haunted house during Halloween is a lot of fun. But it is only fun if you let it be fun. To us imagination is the key to having fun. Do not get me wrong, I do love a great horror move, but I also love movies that have giant ants attaching people. I also love sitting around playing with an OUIJA board. So if you get into the fun part of horror then this site is for you....

Horror/Monster Movie Quiz

You do not win anything. Just see how smart you really are

Audio Page
Cool Sounds and Movie Trailers

Bloody Covers
GoreZone and Toxic Horror Magazine covers that I scanned in.

Horror Links
Alot of Great links for the horror genre.

Sea-Monkey Cemetary
We take alittle of the sting out of a bad scene.

Picture Gallery
Outback Ray with some of the BIGGEST names in HORROR movies.

Horror Movie Posters Page
.....Not that many yet

The Roman Rite of Exorcism
You may need it someday

A List of All the Popes in History
Do not ask why, It MIGHT come in usefull one day


.............Hey little bird with your beak pressed up against the pet store window. We have no birdseed for you today. ONLY DEATH.............!!!!!!!!

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Come back often and please write with suggestions! It has been 3 years since the Ranch opened. I still not heard from ADAM WEST, LINDA BLAIR or RIC FLAIR. I am begining to take this to heart..

2013 Outback Ray & 13 of Spades Production.

The above photo is movie poster for "The Mad Doctor". A short disturbing movie produced by the Ranch. Rent it at your local video store.

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