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Wed. July 02/03

Welcome to a new CJ site. Yes, we have all seen the other one. It was crappy and pe0ple loved it only fer the fact that I made fun of Avery. Well that made everyone's day now didnt it.

I have no immune system. Here I am, sneezing too often [not cute] and grr... being sick sucks. Especially in the middle of summer. A new cold every month. Go Team. Good hustle. w00t

This weekend was super fun. Mostly it revolved around sitting around a fire and playing cards with Jayser and Kase. Never play Cheat. It is very dangerous and I dont know what I am doing. "Cheat... wait...aw...!" Damn, eh. Drove drunk family around at 3am, while they hollered at cabins in the area, until we finally found pe0ple still awake and with alcohol to spare for them. [WOW]

School is out. Im surprised I won two awards this year fer being the biggest d0rk, almost failing one course. I got honor rollllll (lol) and some high achievement thing fer getting 98% in Graphics. History sucked ass, but hey i pulled my mark up from almost failing to 74%. I deserve some chocolate fer that one.

Vanessa graduated last week. Im proud of my cousin. She's like one my best buds and everything. Some family seems to be getting cooler this month. Including Jayser and Tania, even though I rarely talk to my sis. Nessa got a U of M entrance scholership. I hope I can get one when I graduate.

I'll be making this site look better as summer goes on. And by the time it hits August or after that, then this thing will be amazing. This calls fer my theme music. [na nananana batman].
Listen "the yellow dart" you owe me.

"Gain the chance
Win to lose
Make up your mind
Pick and choose"

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