2/28/06 - The purpose of this list is to help me keep track of my videos and to let other video collectors know what I have! I'm still on the lookout for CLASSIC airings from Nick at Nite, and if I'm lucky, I'll even find someone who kept the old commercials. I'm talking Dobie Gillis, F-Troop, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Get Smart, etc. Right now, I need episodes 5,9,34,35, and 36 of the Patty Duke Show to complete my Patty Duke Show season 1 collection. I'm trying out the sitcomsonline.com message boards under the name POPskull and so far I've found two collectors who have a lot of Mister Ed episodes. One guy has TVLand airings from a few summers ago with commercials, and another guy who has Mister Ed episodes recorded from Nick at Nite without the commercials. I'm going to set up transactions with both of them. Also, my friend Ronn is sending me his VHS masters of Faith No More in Concord, CA on 10/18/90 and some episodes of the cartoon seris Legend of Zelda and the Super Mario Brothers Super Show recorded from FOX in 1989/1990 with the original commercials. Also coming to my collection soon, K. Gordon Murray's american dubbed version of "The Vampire" from 1957 with Abel Salazar and German Robles.