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By way of introduction...why the *nick* zombiri?

Here's the sad story

evil blinking eyes..

I've been acting my way out of a paper bag for a good 20 years now, ever since a certain director made the mistake of casting me in a production of "The Elephant Man." It's been uphill ever since...

Stage Resume

Not only am I a willing and able meatpuppet...
I also enjoy being Stromboli...

Slavedriver Resume

And this is where I commit these indignities
upon my fellow actors...
My "Home Theatre"

Content, yes, we have some content!
Look, I can type!

And here are a few sites
devoted to acting and theatre
that can keep you busy for hours...
Aisle Say Theatre Reviews
Playwrights in Cyberspace
American Association of Community Theatre
and last, but not least, a fellow GeoCitizen's page of links
An Actor's Page

Any suggestions and/or criticisms will be graciously accepted, duly considered, and possibly even acted upon.

Give me heck! 2008 Geoff Burkman

AND IF I'M NOT... This site has been BANNED by CyberPatrol ...I SHOULD BE!!!

I prefer to think of myself as a Freethinker, in the world of politics as well as the world of theater---these three links will take you to a veritable fountain of unshackled cogitation...

Well, except for Satan, of course, and that's your own damn fault, now isn't it?
I only said three, right?

Satan Inside! free speech - Net Atheists Satan Inside!

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