The Four Seasons Club

We are a group of people who love to play Spades. We WILL NOT tolerate rude or mean behavior. We believe that honesty, fairness, and good ole fun is more important than anything. We are competitive players. We endorse an "All Welcome" policy, meaning that we will play with anyone no matter their rating or reputation. When you are playing with a Four Seasons member, you will know you have a fair and honest game. We welcome anyone that believes in what is stated throughout this website to join us.

We would like you to come and play with us on the MSN Gaming Zone ( We are always happy to make new friends. What would life be like without friends? We can't wait to see ya! :-)

People everywhere were affected by the attacks on September 11. It was a tragic day that Americans will never forget. Members of The Four Seasons Club hope that those affected by this tragedy will get better. Our hearts and prayer go out to all of you.

I had to put this somewhere in here. If I didn't believe in 4S it wouldn't have achieved what it has. Wouldn't it be different not to have 4S around? First you have to believe and then you will achieve. 4S is proof that this is true. :-)

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