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Personal Info


My real name is Gary Tompkins, but I've been known as Zonker in Montreal BBS circles for many years. The alias actually began while playing NTN Trivia in a bar even before I started BBSing in 1990. We were just picking names from Doonesbury, Phred was already taken, and Zonker stuck! [grin] I still run an old fashioned free BBS in Montreal called "The Crypt" (514) 729-0533 and you can e-mail me on the net. My ICQ number is 4307240. I've moved, e-mail me for my new address or phone number if you'd like it. I'm also a cat lover, and here's my Babe!
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Work Experience

After many years in the plumbing and heating industry in Montreal, I now work for John Abbott College, located just west of Montreal in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec.
[John Abbott College]
Check out the webpages I'm editing for the Continuing Education department at John Abbott College by clicking here.

I have also worked for the United Church of Canada as a professional Youth Worker and continue to do volunteer youth work.

[United Church of Canada]

Volunteer activities

Youth and church work

I've been leading youth groups and doing other youth work for well over twenty-five years, it keeps me young at heart! Lately I've been working with the youth group at Verdun United Church, although that association is ending this fall. Here's a picture of my "angels":

Verdun's angelic youth group

Click here to see some more pictures of the youth group.


[Optimist International]
I'm proud to be Vice-President of the St. Lawrence Optimist Club, the only active English language Optimist club in Québec. Our biggest event of the year is an Easter egg hunt for children at Carrefour Angrignon on Easter Monday, which attracts well over 200 kids. Another major project is supplying school bags and school supplies for kids who can't afford it.   We also have a wine & cheese night in January which is lots of fun. For more information on the club, e-mail me. Click here to see our club's webpage.

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