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Burghy is a good friend I met on my BBS, as well as at John Abbott College. She met her boyfriend at a SongFest in the Park get together hosted by me! [Burghy]
[Yellow Tiger]
Elfie is a wonderful friend I've made through BBSing. Her page is interesting, to say the least! Warning: page contains Femme stuff! You have been warned! A baby elf has been born! Pictures, clockwise from bottom left, are of baby Yellow Tiger soon after birth in April 1998, Elfie at her wedding in 1997, at a BBS get together at La Ronde in 1992, and Mom and baby at a Picasso's GT June 26th, 1998, the day I got to meet the beautiful baby for the first time. I think she liked me! {grin} [Elfie]
[Elfie & YT]
Howser is a friend from Montreal BBSing, now living in Ottawa. When in Montreal, he was SysOp of The Second Floor BBS. He finally sent me a picture of him!
IWAT is another friend I met through BBSing, her parents are also friends. Her webpage has all kinds of neat stuff. She also has a beautiful voice, and I've been lucky enough to sing with her on occasion. This is a very dated picture of her taken at a GT (Get Together) at my place years ago. [IWAT]
[Kevan] This is a link to Kevan's work page. I've known Kevan for many years. We originally met through United Church youth work. A better friend would be hard to find. He just got married to Darlene! [Wedding]
[Savage] Savage is SysOp of The Savage Land BBS and a good friend. You just never know what you might find on his webpage! The picture on the right is one I took of him and his son (affectionately known as Zabu) at a SongFest in the Park Get Together. [Zabu]
[Shadow] Shadow was the first BBS SysOp I met, and is probably largely to blame for all this! He is known by other nicknames now, but he'll always be Shadow to me. He's a kindred spirit, a soulmate who I see rarely but it doesn't matter. At right is his famous Leonard Cohen impersonation! We had some good times when he roomed with me for awhile. He founded the BBS I now call mine. [Leonard]
[Spock] Spock is yet another BBS friend, and yet another former Montrealer. He is lucky enough to be married to an elf (see Elfie above) and just became a Dad! [Yellow Tiger]
Zandramas is a wonderful friend who has had a profound influence on my life. It was her that first got me into BBSing, and from her that I inherited my BBS, The Crypt. She was its SysOp between Shadow and me. We met in 1990 playing NTN TRivia with a mutual friend. It was also 'ka (as I affectionately call her) that got me interested in contemporary a cappella music. She lives in Edmonton now and I miss her! [Zandra]
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(She almost killed me for this!)

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