VAMPIRE OF DEFIANCE The Crescent-News, Defiance, Ohio, Friday, May 17, 1968

Wanted: Brave man With Wooden Stake

Defiance County Sheriff's office is faced with an impossible task -- finding a vampire.

The culprit has been reported as haunting the Canal Road area and the authorities have attempted to investigate the report. A description of the vampire goes something like this:

He is of medium height and weight, and was last seen wearing a black cape, which highlights his pure white face.

As reports circulate around town, eventually filtering their way into the sheriff's office, other strange aspects of the case reveal themselves. It seems that one well-meaning citizen shot two rounds into the head of the ghoul, but to no avail.

An attempt to outrun the vampire in an auto was fruitless, as it proved speedier than the car, despite the fact that it is reported to be crippled. This affliction, however, might be traced to the rumor that two youths hit him in the legs with a long chain, again with no serious affect.

The only problem with the descriptions in the above paragraph is that officials have been unable to locate anyone who:

a. shot a vampire twice in the head lately
b. was outrun by a ghoul on foot while driving an auto; or
c. hit such a culprit in the legs with a log chain.

Sheriff Doug Ziegler, in explaining a high-skeptical attitude concerning the case, said that there has been "absolutely no evidence to substantiate the existence of anything or anyone fitting such a description".

He said that what investigation his officers have been able to make has been hampered by onlookers.

Also, he said, residents of the Canal Road area have notified his office that trespassing charges will be filed against anyone on their property claiming to be looking for the ghoul.


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