"9th of MAY, minute by minute"
a 1998 ZOOM photo project

      In the period May-August 1998, the organization has achieved the project "9th of May-Bucharest, minute by minute" within Phare Program, project supported by the European Commission.
Seven photographers immortalize the European Day events which took place in the capital of Romania, getting 2500 photos, starting with 6 AM up to 12 PM.
250 pieces have been selected and exposed in Bucharest, at
"Arts Home" in the period 24th-29th of August 1998 and in Cluj,
at the National Art Museum, between 4th and 14th of September 1998.

some photos


at school children house

MASCA Foundation and ZOOM Photo Film arranged and equipped a photo laboratory, teaching the school - children notions of photography.
At the end of this course, there was organized an exhibition with the photos taken by them all the
year long. This year we resume the course.

some photos


       Together with MASCA Foundation and the European Commission Delegation in Romania, ZOOM Foundation Photo Film achieved a TV serial for didactic use, consisting of 6 short - length films. The orphans from the school children House acted in these pictures themselves.

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