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look at yourself, you ain't no genius..
Vocals:Chino Moreno
Guitar:Stephen Carpenter
Bass/Vocals:Chi Cheng
Drum Machinist:Abe Cunningham
Releases:Adrenaline, Around the Furs
Soundtracks:The Crow, Escape From L.A.

two tourntables and a microphone....
Full Name:Beck Hanson
Born In:Los Angeles
Birthdate:not sure yet
Releases:Mellow Gold, Odelay, Golden Feelings
Singles:MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack, Loser, Steve Threw Up, Where It's At, Devil's Haircut, The New Pollution, Dead Weight
Soundtracks:A Life Less Ordinary

in loving memory of Kurt
Vocals/Guitars:Kurt Cobain
Bass/Vocals:Chris Novoselic
Drums/Vocals:Dave Grohl
Releases:In Utero, Nevermind, Unplugged in New York, From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah, Bleach, Insesticide

Members:Trent Reznor, Charlie Clouser, and Danny Lohner
Full Name:Michael Trent Reznor Jr.
Birthdate:May 17, 1965, at 7:30 am ET
Born In:Mercer, Pennsylvania
Releases:Pretty Hate Machine, Broken, Fixed, Downward Spiral, Further Down the Spiral, Rusty Nails, Sin, Mud Pigs
Singles:Head Like A Hole, Down In It, March Of the Pigs, Closer to God, Perfect Drug
Soundtracks:The Crow, Lost Highway, Natural Born Killers, The Fan, Seven

loving you is like loving the dead
Vocals/Bass:Peter T. Steele
Guitar:Kenny Hickey
Drums:John Kelly
Keyboards: Josh Silver
Releases:Slow, Deep, and Hard, The Origin of the Feces, Bloody Kisses Promo CD, Bloody Kisses, The Origin of the Feces re-release, Nativity in Black:A tribute to Black Sabbath, October Rust
Singles:Unsuccessfully Coping, Black No. 1, Christian Woman, Summer Breeze, My Girlfiend's Girlfriend, Love You to Death
Soundtracks:Mortal Combat, I Know What You Did Last Summer

i just wanna fly(that song is icky, listen to their old stuff)
Vocals:Mark Mcgrath
Guitar:Rodney Sheppard
Bass:Murphy Karges
DJ:Craig "DJ Homicide" Bullock
Drums:Stan Frazier
Releases:Lemonade and Brownies and Floored
Soundtracks:Mega Man, Escape From LA, X-Games, Scream2
Related Releases:We Will Fall(an Iggy Pop tribute), Best of Kevin and Bean X-mas CD

oh this band kicks so much!
Band Members:Kevin Crompton, David Ogilvie, Nivek Ogre, Cevin Key, and Dwayne Goettel
Releases:Back and Forth, Remission, Bites, Dig It, Mind:The Perpetual Intercourse, Chainsaw, Cleanse Fold & Manipulate, Bites and Remission, VIVsectVI, Ain't It Dead Yet?(Live), Rabies, Twelve Inch Anthology, Too Dark Park, Spasmolytic, Last Rights, Back and Forth Series 2
Singles:Stairs and Flowers, Addiction, Censor, Testure, Tin Omen, Worlock, Inquisition

he's going the distance
Vocals/Guitar/Organ:John McCrea
Guitar/Organ:Greg Brown
Bass:Victor Damiani
Drums/Percussion:Todd Roper
Trumpet:Vincent di Fiore
Releases:Motorcade of Generosity, Fashion Nugget
Soundtracks:Flirting With Disaster

all mixed up...
Vocals/Rhythm Guitar:Nicholas Hexum
Guitar:Timothy Mahoney
Vocals/Turntables:SA Martinez
Drums/Percussion:Chad Sexton
Releases:Music, selftitled, Grassroots, Transistor

i've paid my dues...I love you Freddie
Vocals/Piano:Freddie Mercury
Guitars/Vocals:Brian May
Bass/Vocals:John Deacon
Drums/Vocals:Roger Taylor
Releases:Queen, QueenII, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At the Opera, A Day At the Races, The Miracle
Singles:Keep Yourself Alive, Seven Seas of Rhye, Killer Queen, Now I'm Here, Bohemian Rhapsody, You're My Best Friend, Somebody To Love
Soundtracks:Wayne's World TV Theme Songs:Highlander

tomorrow's just an excuse...
Vocals/Guitar:Billy Corgan
Guitar:James Iha
Drums:not sure yet
Releases:Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Gish, Pisces Iscariot, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunshine of Your Love, The Greatest Day, Drown, Mayonaise Dream, Ava Adore
Singles:The End Is the Beginning Is the End, Cherub Rock, I Am One, Siva, Today, Disarm, Rocket, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, 1979, Zero, Tonight Tonight
Soundtracks:Batman and Robin, Lost Highway

this is for the ppl of the sun...
Vocals:Zack de la Rocha
Guitars:Tom Morello
Drums:Brad Wilk
Bass:Tim Bob
Releases:selftitled, Evil Empire
Soundtracks:The Crow

aw, yeah!
Vocals/Guitar:Bob Mould
Drums/Vocals:Grant Hart
Bass:Greg Norton
Releases:Zen Arcade, Land Speed Record, Everything Falls Apart and More, Metal Circus, New Day Rising, Flip Your Wig, Candy Apple Grey, Warehouse : Songs and Stories, The Living End
Singles:Eight Mile High b/w Masochism World, Love Is All Around

ya gotta love Perry!
Vocals:Perry Farrell
Guitar:Dave Navarro
Bass:Flea-for the reunion
Drums:Stephen Perkins
Releases:Nothing's Shocking, Ritual De Lo Habitual, Kettle Whistle
Soundtracks:Natural Born Killers

they're fading but have some good stuff out
Vocals:Michael Stipe
Guitar:Peter Buck
More Guitars:Mike Mills
Bass:not sure yet
Drums:not sure yet
Releases:Murmur, Document, Monster, Out of Time, Automatic For the People, Alternative NRG, The New Adventures In Hi-Fi
Singles:E-Bow The Letter, Bittersweet Me, Electrolite, How The West Was Won...

we can be happy underground
Vocals/Piano:Ben Folds
Bass:Robert Sledge
Drums:Darren Jessee
Releases:selftitled, Whatever and Ever Ahmen
Singles:Underground, The Battle of Who Could Care Less, Brick
Soundtracks:The Truth About Cats and Dogs

tell me what it takes to let you go
Vocals:Steven Tyler
Guitar/Vocals:Joe Perry
Guitar, Acoustic:Brad Whitford
Bass:Tom Hamilton
Drums:Joey Kramer
Releases:selftitled, Nine Lives, Get A Grip, Pump, Rocks, Done With Mirrors, Rock in a Hard Place, Toys in the Attic, Classics Live, Permanent Vacation, Night in the Ruts, Draw the Line, Box of Fire, Get Your Wings, Greatest Hits, Pandora's Box, Big Ones


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