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This poem is a spin-off from Romeo and Juliet. You'd have to be into Shakespeare to like it. This part is where Romeo is running to see Juliet at her balcony.

The Stranger in the Night

Of Romeo? Of Juliet?
Of course mine ears recall.
A night of loathsome shadows,
Near the ending of the fall.
Young man was he,
Of mask and suit,
Whom running, stepped upon my boot.
I said, “Hold there, and take thee back!”
He stopped and yelled into the black,
“Pardon me, sir, where art thou at?”
He came anon, and low and behold,
Twas the brave, young Romeo.
Known was I of Romeo,
Word travels fast when in love so.
I said, “Come hither.”
Which he did.
I asked of him, “Why art thine eyes so dim?”
Of Rosaline, I’d sure he’d tell
And of the deep love he felt.
“I’m in love.”
He said at last,
After several seconds past.
Breathless I saw in he
So, of him, I told, “Come sit with me.”
And as he did, he did asset,
To speak of the fair...Juliet?
Juliet, the Capulet!
Doth mine ears deceive me?
In fair Verona’s square?
Romeo and Juliet,
Does sound a likely pair.
But, of those names can come no good.
A Capulet and Montague.
Of marriage he did speak of next.
And there I said, “Thee, hold!”
“For my mouth could not keep in such a secret so bold.”
But desperate he did look just then,
And so I said, “Go on.”
I heard the story of Capulet
And how the love did spawn.
I asked of him of the vows.
And that that I had said
Realized to me what he’d do.
To ask fair Juliet for her “I do”
But merry was I to hear such news,
But then I thought once more.
For no good could come of those two names.
Of Capulet and Montague.
But then he left,
And now is dead.
A fate I could have stopped.
If I’d have said him these words to you.
Take heed good Montague.

By me, myself, and eye
© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved.

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