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This is the homepage of the Zorbian Embassy, hosted by me, Zorb. I know what you're thinking: "How can your name be Zorb? That's the planet." Frankly, my actual name is beyond limited human comprehension (not to mention pronunciation). Sorry.

I currently inhabit the body of a nice young lady. She's a diverse person who enjoys reading, writing, and goofing off on her computer in what exists of her spare time. An active drama nut, she is both an actor and a techie, aka an "actie". Unlike most of her peers, she has little interest in the fad of the week, and instead turns her attention to Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

In fact, this Embassy is merely a jumping-off point. From here, you can access our various departments. And please, if you have any suggestions on improving this page, don't hesitate to drop us a line or few.

Updates: 8/31/06 -- Added Stargate fics. Only leaving the rest of the site in its original state for posterity; it should not be considered active nor an accurate representation of its owner at this time.

6/27/03 -- Got rid of the X-Files section because Harry Potter has stolen my soul. Updated and reorganized HP and Trek sections.
11/30/01 -- Did some reorganization and added a Potterfilk.
12/1/01 -- My Star Trek fanfic is up! Yes, all of it.
12/2/01 -- It's amazing how much non-school work I get done during finals week. Another Potterfic uploaded.
Planet Zorb Subdivisions:

Stargate--Fic about the orfice and the characters who go through it.

Section 47--This is my HQ for the greatest sci-fi dynasty in the galaxy -- Star Trek.

Department of Potter--What? Harry has his own Ministry Department? The Hogwarts That Isn't and The Hogwarts That May Be.

FAQ--Want to learn more about my species? Of course you do! Learn all you'll ever need to know about Zorb.

Travel Agency--My recommended surfing destinations.


Thanks for Visiting!

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