Zorcon's Blacksmith Shoppe
You walk into a blacksmith shop that looks like any other but it's not. This shop is full of magical items and strong metals. It has every material your mind can handle. OK enough with the shop. When you're done looking around you see a man so hard at work that he doesn't even talk to you. All he does is point to a sign that reads "My name is Zorcon Braloch and if you want something record it in that book and I'll get back to you." You then look down at a table and you see a book with the folowing weapons and armor listed with the prices next to it:
          Swords                          Blunt                             Projectile
       Knife 25                         Club 25                          Knife 25
       Dagger 30                       Glove 30                        Sling 30
       Short Sword 35               Knuckle 35                     Bomb 35
       Long Sword  40               Mace 40                        Axe 40
       Board Sword 45              War Hammer 45             Short Bow 45
       Katana 50                       Rod 50                           Long Bow 50 
       Nodachi 55                     Staff 55                          Ranger's Bow 55

If there is an item that is not on the list please E-mail it to me at the address on the bottom of the screen. Just to let you know these are just the starting prices of both the armor and the weapons. The price will be decided on how rare the material is or not. Weapons can also come with enchantments. Those cost an extra 25 on your purchase.

Armor                            Sheild
      Cloak 25                         Buckler 25
      Robe 30                          Small Sheild 30
      Costume 35                     Spiked Small Sheild 35
      Chain Mail 40                  Kite Sheild 40
      Feild Plate 45                   Tear Drop Sheild 45
      Breast Plate 50                 Large (round) Sheild 50
      Full Plate Mail 55             Tower Sheild 55                       

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Note to costumers: All purchases will take at least two days to make. The costume in the "Armor" list is a light weigth armor. Leggins+Gauntlets can also be made but they're not in the list. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your purchase. Both of the unlisted items cost 20.
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