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Hi! I'm Zorikh. I started this site on 9/21/1998. Latest update on 11/6/03: I have a gig scheduled at Iggy's Keltic Lounge on Ludlow St. in Manhattan on Tuesday, Nov. 11 from 9-11 PM.

Faux-Real Theater Co's "William Shakespeare's Haunted House" was a great success again this year.

I am writing a history of Captain Marvel (all of them) for Suite101.com. I have already posted an Outline of the History of Captain Marvel. I will be giving a talk on this subject at the Big Apple National Convention on Thanksgiving weekend

I have information on the Pennsic War documentary video. In my journal, I report on My adventures singing on the New York City subway! I am constantly updating my Medieval movies list. I have started a new website for

Pennsic XX ordering info http://www.zorikh.com
Order the new Pennsic War video and other Watch This Space merchandise!

Hey! I got an award! Cool, huh?

Sign my guestbook! Let me know who you are and what you think, about this site, history, politics, movies, music, anything. You can also read what other people have written

Great news, comic fans! There have been updates to my Creating Comics Tutorial!
For details, go to my press release!

I've been writing some movie, music, and book reviews for Amazon.com and Allwatchers.com. Why not check them out here and here?

If you've come here to see my comics, click here and wait no longer!

If you're here to see my paintings, they're right here!

If its my headshots and resume you seek, I got 'em right here!

If you want to see my sports pages, including

  • a drawing of pitcher David Cone
  • a photo-illustrated essay on my experience at a New York CityHawks Arena Football game
  • photos of the Harlem Football League, go to it! ;

    You may notice that the links to other sites on the web and the webrings are no longer on this page. This is all part of the continuing effort to make this site more user-friendly. This page should load faster now. I encourage you to go to my new Links and Webrings page to see some intersting places on the web and other sites of similar interest.


    My journal...and the latest update announcement

    Last updated 11/12/03!

    My headshots and resume

    Last updated 11/12/03.

    Photos of me in various acting roles

    My Talent Garage website

    Zorikh Lequidre - musical entertainer!

    My view of the World Trade Center attacks

    (photos out my window). Last updated 9/8/03.


    Entertainment products and services, including the 10th anniversary special edition of the Duckball Home Video Pennsic XX video documentary.

    Stage Combat NYC club

    Pictures of my father and me in armor

    The evolution of my SCA persona and armor

    My Comics!

    Zorikh Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

    by Allain Atienza. Last updated 5/18/02

    My Creating Comics Tuorial!

    Right now 15 pages are up. This will be a work in progress for a little while. Last updated 7/2/03.

    Outline of the History of Captain Marvel

    Comic Book Movies!

    The Comic Book Artist's Guild

    My movie, music, and book reviews on Amazon.com

    . Latest review: "The All-New Marvel Try-out Book" 7/23/03.

    Zorikh's movie reviews on Allwatchers.com. Latest review: Eye of the Serpent

    There was a


    for the theatrical double feature of "Two Fisted Camp" in which I played "Mose Humphries, da greatest fireman dat ever lived," but it's gone now.

    A Helm I'd Like to Build!

    A mock ad I created in photoshop for a sugarloaf helm

    The First Page of the Pennsic Essay with Pictures!

    Additional Pennsic Pix!

    More Pennsic Pix!

    A Passage-at-Arms at Pennsic XXV

    Films of SCAdian Interest

    (includes Medieval, Renaissance, Fantasy, Ancient, Shakespeare, Biblical, Pirates, Asian, Arabian, SCi-Fi, Time Travel, and more!)

    SCA armorers!

    Faux Real's "William Shakespeare's Haunted House"

    2003, and links for pictures and reviews of it!

    Gorilla Rep's "The Death of King Arthur"


    Biggs Rosati's "Les Trois Mousketaires" 2000 tour schedule

    Blazons from Henry IV

    My French Army in World War IIwebsite

    Save Charas/El Bohio page

    An ongoing story of the Giulliani era.

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    Links to other sites on the Web

    Yes, the fields of interest here are rather eclectic, which is why I chose "Athens" as my "neighborhood". Feel free to return and browse often. Things will change a lot, and you may find yourself fascinated by a subject you never thought much about!

    In summer 2000 my hard drive met the eventual fate of all hard drives and I have lost all the e-mail addresses I had stored in my Juno account. If you ever want me to e-mail you (you know who you are, and I do too), please send me a new e-mail today at zorikh@juno.com, so I can re-build my list.

    Look! New counter started 12/28/2000! 3000 hits reached 9/2/03!

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