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Sting & The Police Bootlegs



1. Use brand CD's (TDK, Fuji, Sony, etc.), no generic CD.
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The Police 197x "Musikladen", somewhere in Germany (video) TV B 1CD
The Police 21.02.1979 "London Gig", live at Hatfield Polytechnic, London, UK 1CD
The Police 08.03.1979  Texas Ophry House, Houston, USA 1CD
The Police 07.04.1979  Paradise Theater, Boston, USA 1CD
The Police 11.01.1980  Hamburg, Germany (video, encoded in divx) 1CD
The Police 03.04.1980  Palasport, Reggio Emilia, Italy 1CD
The Police 28.04.1980  The City Hall, Newcastle, UK (2nd set) 1CD
The Police 22.08.1980  Les Arenes, Beziers, France 1CD
The Police 18.10.1980  Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 1CD
The Police 29.10.1980  Paramount Theater, Portland, USA 1CD
The Police 02.02.1981  Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 1CD
The Police 21.02.1981 "Wallaby", live at The Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia Aud.B+ 1CD
The Police 03.09.1982  Glenn Helen Park, San Bernardino, USA + Synchronicity Tour Reheasals 1983 2CD
The Police 01.10.1983  Barcelona, Spain 1CD
The Police 14.10.1983  Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 2CD
The Police 04.03.1984  Showgrounds, Melbourne, Australia 2CD
The Police 15.06.1986 "A Conspiracy Of Hope", East Rutherford, USA  1CD
U2 & The Police 15.06.1986 "A Conspiracy Of Hope", East Rutherford, USA, (video, encoded in divx) TV B+ 1CD
The Police 10.03.2003 "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame", New York, USA TV A 1CD
Sting 10.09.1985  Cuyahoga Falls, USA 2CD
Sting 26.11.1985  Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany 3CD
Sting 28.07.1987

 live in Los Angeles, USA

Sbd A+ 3CD
Sting 13.10.1990  Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile 2CD
Sting 05.03.1991  MTV Unplugged + Rehearsals, New York, USA Sbd A+ 2CD
Sting 08.04.1991/ 05.07.1993 "The Complete Chicago Sessions" Sbd A+ 1CD
Sting 02.07.1991  Jazz Festival, Live In Montreux, Switzerland Sbd A+ 2CD
Sting 02.10.1991 "Happy Birthday", live at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, USA Sbd A+ 2CD
Sting 11.30.1991  Wembley, London, UK 2CD
Sting 28.03.1993  Oslo, Norway 2CD
Sting 20.02.1994 "...Like A Bee", live at the Sun Dome, Tampa, USA Sbd A 2CD
Sting 26.02.1994  Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, USA Sbd A 1CD
Sting 09.03.1996 "Englishman In Paradiso" First Night, live in Amsterdam, Netherlands Aud A 2CD
Sting 26.09.1996  Osaka, Japan 2CD
Sting 16.03.2000  live at Ahoy, First Night, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2CD
Sting 28.03.2000  live at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 2CD
Sting 12.09.2000  Central Park, New York, USA 2CD
Sting 19.06.2001  Stadion Gwardii, Warsaw, Poland Sbd A++ 2CD
Sting 28.07.2001  live in Hyde Park, London, UK Aud B 2CD
Sting 01.11.2001  "Parkinson" show, London, UK (video cd) TV A 1CD
Sting 05.11.2001  BBC Radio2 in Concert, live in BBC Theater, London, UK FM A 1CD
Sting 14.11.2001  Top Of The Pops Special, live in London, UK TV A 1CD
Sting 10.07.2003

 live at The Blue 5, Chicago, USA

Sbd A 1CD
Sting 27.09.2003 Live at The Mermaid Theatre, London, UK Sbd A 1CD


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