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Here are some links to Zouave Reenacting Units and Zouave based web pages. There are also links to sutlers and bookstores/ publishers who provide Zouave materials. If you are looking for a good zouave unit in your area, e-mail me at and I will help you in your search.

  • Visit the Online home of ZOUAVE APPAREL and help preserve our Zouave history while looking snazzy OFF the battlefield!

    114th PA LINKS

  • The 114th PA Vols., Co. A - Zouaves d'Afrique, Gettysburg(My unit)
  • 114th PA Vols., California.


  • 11th Indiana Inf., Co. ? - Wallace's Zouaves (IN)
  • Co. B Wheat's LA Battalion - Tiger Rifles (CA)
  • Co. B, Wheat's LA Battalion - Tiger Rifles (CO)
  • Co. B, Wheat's LA Battalion - Tiger Rifles (IL & IA)
  • 1st Battalion LA Zouaves - Coppens' Zouaves (VA)
  • 1st Battalion LA Zouaves, Co. C (Jeff Davis' Pet Wolves) - Coppens' Zouaves (WA)
  • 1st Battalion LA Zouaves, Co. D - Coppens' Zouaves (N. CA)
  • 13th Louisiana Vols. - Avegno Zouaves (KY, TN, IN, OH, VA)
  • 1st Maine Inf., Co. K, Lewiston Zouaves
  • 4th Michigan Vol. Infantry. (History/Letters/Diaries/Reenacting) (MI)
  • 13th MS, Co. F - Lauderdale Zouaves (History Page)
  • 8th Missouri Inf. - American Zouaves (MO)
  • 33rn NJ Inf., Co. G - Mindl's Zouaves/2nd Zouaves (PA, NJ)
  • 5th NY Veteran Inf. - Duryée's Zouaves
  • 5th Ny Inf., Co. A - Duryée's Zouaves(Eastern US)
  • 5th NY Inf. - Duryée's Zouaves, Co. C(Southern CA)
  • Co. B, 9th NYSM - Brooklyn Greys
  • 9th NY Inf. - Hawkin's Zouaves
  • 10th NY Inf. - National Zouaves (CA)
  • 17th NY Veteran Inf., Co. H - "Red-headed Woodpeckers" (SC, NC, GA)
  • 44th NY Inf., Co. D - Ellsworth's Avengers/ People's Ellsworth Regt. (CA)
  • 44th NY Inf. - Ellsworth's Avengers/ People's Ellsworth Regt., Co. E (CA)
  • 53rd NY Inf. - D'Epineuil's Zouaves
  • 55th NY Inf. - Garde Lafayette Great History website! (France)

  • The 62nd NY Inf., Co. A(Advance Guard Co.) - Anderson's Zouaves (Germany)
  • 62nd NY Inf., Line Co. - Anderson's Zouaves(Australia)
  • 62nd NY Inf., Co. F - Anderson's Zouaves (Australia)
  • 140th NY Inf. - The Second Monroe County Regiment (NY)
  • 146th NY Inf. - Garrard's Tigers (History Page)
  • 146th NY Inf., Co. A - Garrard's Tigers (SC/GA)
  • 146th NY Inf. - Garrard's Tigers (England)
  • Chris Daley's Great site on the details of the 146th NY Uniform
  • 146th NY, Co. I - Garrard's Tigers(DE)
  • 164th NY. Inf. - Corcoran's Irish Zouaves (NY)
  • 165th NY Inf. - 2nd Battn. Duryee's Zouaves (Historical and reenactors Page - Nebraska)
  • 165th NY Inf. - 2nd Battn. Duryee's Zouaves (as portrayed by the Red River Battalion of the 6th & 9th TX Inf.)
  • 54th OVI - 2nd Ohio Zouaves (OH)
  • 54th OH, Co. I - 2nd Ohio Zouaves (OH)
  • 76th OVI, Co. H - Zouaves (GA)
  • 23rd PVI - Birney's Zouaves(PA, MD)
  • 72nd PVI, Co. D - Baxter's Fire Zouaves(E. PA, S. NJ)
  • 76th PVI - Keystone Zouaves(WA)
  • 88th PVI, Co. A - Junior Fire Zouaves (Reading, Pa)
  • 95th PVI - Gosline's Zouaves(SE. PA)
  • 114th PVI, Co. A - Collis' Zouaves / Zouaves d'Afrique (PA, MD, VA, NJ, NY, ME) MY UNIT!
  • 114th PVI, CO. A - Collis' Zouaves / Zouaves d'Afrique(CA) Our Comrades in Red on the Left Coast!
  • 114th PVI - Co. E(NE. PA)
  • 155th PA Inf. - Ayres' Zouaves History and Reenactors Page (Gettysburg, PA!)
  • The Charleston Zouave Cadets (History Page)
  • Charleston Zouave Cadets (History Page)
  • South Carolina Zouaves/McCord's Zouaves - Co. H, Hampton's Legion (History Page)


  • Les Zouaves Pontificaux des Jumet (Belgium)
  • 1er Régiment de Zouaves d'Ham-sur-Heure (Belgium)
  • 1st Zouaves, Franco-Prussian War Association (Southern PA)
  • Imperial Guard Zouaves, Franco-Prussian War Association (Southern PA)
  • Zouaves Pontificaux/Volontaires de l'Ouest, Franco-Prussian War Association (Southern PA)
  • 2e Régiment des Zouaves, Les Chacals Des Oran. Great War 1914 Unit. COMING SOON!

  • 3e Régiment des Zouaves (Germany)


  • Myrtle Avenue Clothiers Fireman's Shirts & Civilian Overshirts.
  • Memories Past Historical Outfittesr Made to order Zouave uniforms. Based in Gettysburg, PA.
  • Timeless Stitches Made to order Zouave uniforms. Based in Washington State.
  • Fall Creek Sutler Civil War Books (Manual of Bayonet Exercises)


  • Civil War Vivandières and Daughters of the Regiment A GREAT website on the history of American AND French Vivandières and Cantinières, as well as the more common (in the Civil War) Daughter of the Regiment.
  • Online Manual of Bayonet Exercises
  • Everything Ellsworth THE best Colonel Elmer Ellsworth history site online! Visit it today!!!
  • Guillaume Lacoste's Site on French Zouaves Complete history of the 4th Regt. of Zouaves to present day.(In French)
  • Schroeder Publications Publisher of fine Civil War books, such as We Came To Fight, the History of the Fifth NY Veteran Volunteer Zouaves.
  • The Civil War Round Table of France. History and Reenacting websites, including info on French participation the Civil War. (Club Confédéré et Fédéral de France)
  • American Museum of Firefighting Includes info on 19th Century firemen.
  • Civil War Mysteries Galleries of Unidentified Soldier photos.

  • Historical Impressions, the Art of Mark Maritato. Mark has a number of GREAT Zouave and Chasseur prints available!
  • Four Winds Studio and Gallery Home of the Gettysburg Monument Collection, and some great Zouave paintings!

  • Norm Lathrop's Custom Made 12" Civil War Uniforms. Lots of great Zouaves, and the best 12" uniforms out there! Based on the works of Don Troiani, as well as the historical info and photos on the Civil War Zouave Database!

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