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Adipocere Records French Label with bands Vulger Pigeons, Evol, Finnugor, Ywolf, Taliandorogd, Your Shapeless Beauty, Internal Bleeding and many others.
Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation is a newborn Black Metal Label/Mailorder already well known in the scene for its uncompromised attitude, showed by the web-zine that in the last years, following the development of the Extreme Black Metal Scene. Our attitude support and promote the primeval anti-social and anti-human attitude of this sacred music, digging deeper the grave of mankind.
AFM German Label with bands Avantasia, Atvance, Circle II Circle, Dionysus, Edguy, Headline, Masterplan, Menner, Nostradameus, Paradox, Sleeping Gods and many others.
Aftermath Music Aftermath Music was originally founded in 1997 as a music store in Trondheim, Norway. Since then things have changed, and developed to become a label, store and distribution out to other distros and shops worldwide. The label is so far concentrated around metal. Everything from progressive metal to the most extreme metal will be considered and dealt with.
Artic Music Group Record Label that deals with Death/Black Metal groups like Malevolent Creation, Homo Iratus, Celebratum, Eternal Lies, Kult ov Azazel, Hateplow, Colour Trip, Closer Than Kin, Denata and Burner.
Avantgarde Music Was Obscure Plasma Records is now the birth of Avantgarde Music with bands Ancient Wisdom, Avulsed, Behemoth, Carpathian Forrest, Dark Sanctuary, Darzamat, Diablerie, Diabolical Masquerade, Dolorian, Evoken, Godkiller, Katatonia, Mortuary Drape, Opera IX, Pazuzu, Potentiam, Raventhrone, Shining, Taake, Throes of Dawn and Winds.
Bast Music Bast Music is an agency and management company founded in autumn 2000. Bands Include Alamaailman Vasarat, Babylon Whores, The Black League, Drive, Godsplague, Lullacry, Shaman, Sinergy, Stoner Kings and Tunnelvision.
Battle Hymn Records US Based label with a decent mailorder catalog the one thing that i liked is you can actually send in a request for a certain CD and they'll try to find it for you and the prices are not that bad either i didn't see much info on the Label itself just the catalog and some links and a smalla rea where you can submit demos.
Black Abyss Productions Founded in late 1998, Black Abyss Productions is a small underground label and distro. Firmly believing in quality over quantity of releases, we are dedicated to releasing high quality art from sincere and dedicated bands from the black metal underground and related dark and obscure genres. The main focus of the label is on demo's and albums on cdr and cassette format, the latter becoming an increasingly overlooked format it seems, but due to their relatively low costs and high flexibility these are the perfect formats for non-commercial underground music.
Black Plague Records Label with bands DEMONIUM,NOCTURNAL (POLAND),THUNDERBOLT (POLAND),HELLVETO (POLAND)they offer tapes, CDs, records,links and T-shirts.
Black Tears of Death Black metal label from Italy. Black Tears formed as little promotion-label in 1996. the idea came with the release of a comp. tape, titled BLACK TEARS OF DEATH (vol 1).After comp. tapes (and CD), Black Tears has released MCD from THRONED, SACRADIS, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, and a re-print on CD from KOROZY album "Long Road to the land of Black". In the first days of March the label name is changed from Black Tears to Black Tears of death.
CCP Records on our homepage you could see informations about our bands and their newest CDs. Each Band has a own page with their latest CD, short info, photographs and, if necessary, news about the band. All new releases will get another page with reviews. There also is an own page with MP3-Files.
Candlelight Records Candlelight Records Website, home of Emperor, Peccatum, Zyklon, Extreme Noise Terror, Christian Death, Opeth, Daeonia, Failed Humanity and more. We will be kept it updated with news and info on our bands - so check it regularly! On the Candlelight Records site you will also be able to download sound-bites from our "Sounds" library.
Century Media Records Huge well know record label that needs no introduction, many bands and a website that offers too much to list.
Cogumelo Records Record Label In Brazil Some Extreme but all metal with bands Akerbeltz, Dorsal Atlântica, Drowned, Eminence, Lethal Curse, Lustful, Overdose, Ratos de Porão, Sarcófago, Sepultura, Sextrash, Siecrist, Siegrid Ingrid, Sociedade Armada and Vulcano.
Cold Meat Industry We began our musical "career" in the early 80's. Through different formations and projects we eventually realized that there was no suitable label around that was interested in our kind of work and music. Thus, in 1987, we established Cold Meat Industry. We had a number of friends we knew were making great music, and began to release their material.
Cold Spring Records We are an organization, specializing in all forms of extreme media, but particularly, black industrial / ambience, neo-classical and orchestral power - sampling, and hardcorepower electronics / noise from Japan. The site has been established to offer you the latest news and releases, and inform of events Cold Spring-wise, or any events close to our heart. It will be updated regularly so keep coming back here for the latest information.
Conquest Music Conquest Music - Independent Death Metal Label - U.S.A., bringing you the heaviest metal on the planet! Get news, tour info, merchandise, mp3's, video, and more!.
Copro Records Copro Productions is a fairly new company, incorporating a Label, Distribution, Booking Agency, Artist Promotion, Recording Facilities, Distribution Network and a Mail Order Catalogue. Little over three years old, the company has made an impressive mark on the U.K. metal fraternity, with a healthy reputation, and impressive results in all areas covered by the team. Helped immensely by the discovery of the band earthtone9.
Cudgel Agency German label with extreme bands like Seirim, Rotten Sound, Mastic Scum, Depression, Gonorrhoeaction, Illdisposed, Soul Demise and more.
Cyberware Productions Cyberware Productions releases and distributes all kinds of hard electronic music - ebm, industrial and a bit of gothic and dark wave.
Dangus Productions Dangus Productions – the oldest, most known and the biggest underground music firm and distribution in Baltic states, representing Dark, Ethnic and Strong Art, created on unique Baltic stage.
Dark Age Productions The Premiere US label exclusivly promoting Occultism, Folklore, Mythology and creativity in music and bands devoted in the realm of atypical musical expressions on vinyl & cassete formats.
Dcide Records DCide Records is a privately held , DC based independent record label. The label was started in summer of 1995 by founding partners Jeffrey B. Clyburn, Burton Gray and Mark Thorp. Their first act Nothingface has gone on to sell well over 150,000 records worldwide and is widely recognized as one of the standardbearers for the new metal genre.
Defiled Records Small record label with bands Fall of the Leafe, Darken, Inquisition, Num Skull and Devastation.
Destructive Records Independent label suggesting producing groups of style exclusively death, brutal death metal or grind core!.
Diehard Music Record label with bands Goat, Iniquity, Ironlung, Koldborn, Dying Fetus, Necrosphere, Blood of Christ and many more.
Dimentional Sounds Studios Dimensional Sound Studios is owned by Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan and Derek Roddy, and is located in Tampa, FL. The studio is now OPEN! We are ready for business and are doing sessions of all kinds, ranging from demos all the way to full length CD's!
Discorporate Music Death Metal Label with bands Fear Absolute, Cephalectomy, Dichotic and Civil Carnage.
Displeased Records Extreme Metal label with bands like Arcturus, Limbonic Art, Mystifier, Mortician, Enthroned, Krieg, Meshuggah, Cryptopsy, Trail of Tears, Dominion 3, Monumentum, Wumpscut and more.
Dolores Records We are proud to present Dolores brand new web site, where you can get the freshest information about Hardrock, Extreme Metal and Punk. Topchart and future releases, news and campaigns all in one site!
Dracma Records Italian Label - DRACMA RECORDS inizia la sua attivita' nel 1988 con la compilation NIGHTPIECES , con il meglio della scena rock torinese del periodo (gruppi quali BROKENGLAZZ, BRAINDAMAGE, CHURCH OF VIOLENCE, VOODOO). La compilation in oggetto funge da trampolino di lancio per la neonata etichetta che inizia ad essere conosciuta anche al di fuori della scena torinese della quale, peraltro, grazie anche alle sale prova e alla loro inevitabile funzione aggregativa, diventa punto di riferimento.
Drakkar Entertainment Extreme Metal label with bands like Onkel Tom, Desperados, Rebellion, Sodom, The Killer Barbies, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Infinity, Nightwish, Lordi, and Warlord.
Dwell Records Your place on the web for quality Extreme Music...As you can see, we are busy pumping toxic slime from Dwell headquarters into our site to bring you the hardest, heaviest and most twisted titles ever!...Check out our catalog of past releases and the brutal new releases that are on the way up from the depths of our underground factory.
Earache Records Extreme Metal Label with artists like Autonomy, The Berzerker, Cadaver Inc, Cult of Luna, Decapitated, Decmember, Deicide, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hate Eternal, The Haunted, Linea 77, Morbid Angel. Mortiis, Rabies Caste, Society 1, Usurper, Ultraviolence and more.
Eclipse Records While most record labels believe in throwing hundreds of releases "at the wall" each year and only "chase what sticks" we at Eclipse believe it's a much better policy to work with only a few artists that show unlimited potential and spend 100% of our time focusing on them, helping them develop and spread across the world like a festering fungus.
Elegy Records Extreme metal Label with bands like Merrimack, Iron Fist, Thor's Hammer, Primitive Supremacy, Sturmführer, Crucifier, Maniac Butcher, Black Mass, Weltmacht and more.
Evil Omen Records Evil Omen Records - a sub-division of Osmose Productions some bands are ENTHRONED, DEMONIAC, CONQUEROR, MYTHOS, DECAYED and others.
Fullmoon Productions Black/Death Metal Extreme underground metal record company and distribution. I HIGHLY Recomend Fullmoon, I really like thier ideals and they have been around the underground for a long time, Thier website is also very well done.
Gun/Supersonic Labels German Label.. the only reason it's on my list they do support a couple extreme metal bands.
Hall of Sermon In the year 1991 Hall Of Sermon was found by Tilo Wolff as an independent label. The complete artistical freedom and the unrestricted autonomy in taking care of the own band LACRIMOSA was the central point of this new label.Hall Of Sermon Is a Gothic Label in Switzerland.
Hard and Heavy Rockville Music HARD 'N' HEAVY ROCKville MUSIC markets Collectable Records, CD's, Tapes and Rare Memorabilia for the connoisseur of HARD ROCK, PSYCHEDELIC, PROGRESSIVE, HEAVY METAL, NWOBHM AND DOOM METAL. For twenty years we have been collecting and trading to amass our large inventory. We are the distributors for three companies: Audible Deafenings, Doom Records and Peace Records, all located in Rockville, MD USA. In addition to selling rare records of bands from around the world, we also are promoting the private label releases from these three companies.
Hammer Müzik Türkiye'nin en önemli iki hiphop grubu NEFRET ve SİLAHSIZ KUVVET, bir konser vermek üzere İsveç'e gidiyor. Konser; 7 Mart tarihinde Stockholm’de Sodra Teatern’de gerçekleşecek ve bu konserde NEFRET ve SİLAHSIZ KUVVET’e iki İsveç’li grup; ADVANCED PATROL ve FJARDE VARLDEN eşlik edecek. Konsere İsveç basınından da yoğun ilgi var.(I can't read the page hopefully this explains it).
Heathendoom Music The history of Heathendoom Music started 1994 when Per Karlsson was tired of only releasing vinyl-ep's, various underground fanzines, complication tapes...etc through his very own underground service called Megagrind Productions. He had also left his band "Suffer" which he played drums for 4 years. Per wanted to start his own recordlabel and getting far more serious with the whole thing. So when he finally deicided to move back to Kumla from Fagersta in November 1994, he started Heathendoom Music together with Pierre Törnkvist and another mate from Luleå in the north of Sweden.
I Scream Records Founded in 1994 I Scream Records has become one of the leading European hardcore/punkrock labels around today. With established artists like Deviate (B), Discipline (NL), Stigmata (USA), Maximum Penalty (USA), Backfire! (NL), Breakdown (USA), Krutch (USA), to name only a few and compilations such as the top selling "The Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi" series, compiled by Onno Cromag and Roger Miret, you can see why I Scream Records is one of the hottest independent labels in Western Europe.
Idomitus Productions Indomitus is devoted to releasing the most uncompromising extreme Aryan and Heathen metal available. We support artists with the courage of their convictions and those who have the strength to stand alone in the face of adversity. Indomitus is not influenced by the mediocrity that runs rampant throughout all aspects of art and modern culture, and are also not concerned with commercial trends, nor interested in the petty squabbling of the lesser man. Artistic vision and integrity is of the utmost importance and for this reason alone ensures the continued production of Aryan art that pushes the boundaries of sound, composition and aggression.
Info-Black Productions We are an independent record label. We will not follow any rules for what we should release or how our layouts should be. Distributors or magazines that showed us "a way to work".
Intolerant Messiah Records Crust/Death/Grind/ect. label and Distro out of California, USA Anti-Christian.
Ketzer Records German Label with bands impending doom, valhalla, alkonost, immortal rites, magog, must missa, hellfucked, weltmacht, grabnebelfürsten, blood, enid, necroplasma, Pest, legion and many others
Ktok Records mid 1996: Label founded. Main goal is to support underground metal in all possible forms.
Leviathan Records official on-line headquarters of Leviathan Records. At this site, you will find our complete catalog of artists including pictures and rare interviews. We've made the WEB site easy to get around in. Simply choose your artist, pick from among various interviews, pictures and sound clips.
Lion Music We are a small label located on the Aland Islands, Finland with our own studio. Power Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive and guitar music is what we do. Nothing is wrong with other kinds of music but we leave that to other labels. We only work with music we like ourselves, and would never dream of doing shit like rap-metal just to make money.
Listenable Records Extreme label with bands Abhorrence, Aborted, Abscess, Centurion, Crest Of Darkness, Deranged, Destructor, Devilyn, Grief Of Emerald, Immolation, Mutant, Nail Within, No Return, Pale Forest, Reclusion, Scarve, Soilwork, Symbyosis, Theory In Practice and Vile.
Locomotive Music Label in Germany, Spain and USA with bands like Easy Rider, Elegy, Tea, Sin City Six, Sex Museum, Prong, Koma, Grass and more.
Lost Disciple Records Brutal Death/Black Metal Record Label & Distribution with bands Pessimist, Noctuary, Pandemia, Burial, Enter Self, Averse Sefira and Compos Mentis.
Low Frequency Records This label has a Pop rock side and a Metal side, the metal bands are as follows: Cadacross, Downfall, Embraze, Evemaster, Kaliban, Myon, Requiem and a few others.
Ma-Kahru Distribution/Profane Productions black metal, doom metal, dark metal, dark ambient music all can be found here at Ma-Kahru Distribution. CDs, Tapes, Vinyls in our mail order and online catalog with the best price on the web.
Massacre Records Metal/Goth Label with alot of bands, Not gonna say much more about this label cause i don't feel like being a member to explore thier site.
Medea Records The site is now fully functional but still far from complete. We are currently in the midst of finishing the band pages and adding new pictures as well as posting mp3s and other goodies. (all in the coming weeks).
Megaforce Records In the year 1982, the world of music changed-forever. A little company named Megaforce Records in North New Jersey stumbled onto a scene that few paid attention to. Jon and Marsha Zazula, the founding partners of Megaforce Records, released a single by an unknown band named, Venom.
Merciless Records Real good Black/Death/Grind label with bands like MANTICORE, ARMAGEDDA, AGMEN, GODLESS NORTH, SALTUS, MARTIRE, AVENGER, CRYPTIC WINDS, CIANIDE, MORTEM and others.
Metal Blade Records The 20th Anniversary year of Metal Blade Records looks to be one of our Greatest yet! New releases from BOLT THROWER, FLESHCRAWL, KING DIAMOND, CALLENISH CIRCLE, FALCONER, BLUDGEON, THE CROWN, ENGINE, RIOT, VOMITORY and many, many more will prove 2002 will be yet another year of Outstanding Metal for the masses.
Meteor City Records Label with bands like Abdullah, Gallery of Mites, Spiritu, Nebula and many others, I would list more but the site is littered with runtime errors and i'm tired of clicking the button.
Mighty Music The virtual home of Mighty Music. Browse through these pages, discover new musical talents, take a look at the gallery, listen to the free MP3 sound files. In other words; discover why our slogan says "we'll still be metal when you have short hair, an ugly wife, and work 9 to 5".
More Fucking Hate Productions MFH Productions- American Extreme Metal Underground Label and Distro EAL, Sombre, Iron Pegasus, Barbarian Wrath, Horna, Beherit, Nargaroth, Mutiilation, Vlad Tepes, Belketre, Black Metal, Death Metal. Underground Metal. End All Life Productions, Sombre Records, limited LPs, rare CD's. Galgeras, Nazgul's Eyrie Productions.
MTM-Music MAJOR MTM MUSIC GmbH, Pariser Strasse 1, 81669 München, was founded in March 1996. Two months later, our label MTM MUSIC published its first CD. "Quality, not Quantity", that's our motto. We concentrate our work on the publication of AOR, and Hard Rock productions of the highest standards.
Necropolis Records Necropolis Records has risen from Obscurity to become one of the driving forces in the Metal scene today. There have been a lot of great records and conquests along the way. For the uninitiated, we have this tale of triumphant Darkness, to shed a little light into the shadowy existence of Necropolis records.
New Renaissance Records This label has bands like AGGRESSION, DEAD CONSPIRACY, GUTRIX, IRON CHRIST, SAMHAIN and many others... not much more info on this Label.
Nocturnal Art Productions Label from Norway currently supporting Apotheosis, Limbonic Art, Red Harvest and Void. Demo submissions are welcome (not via E-mail). We listen to all material that is being sent to us, but we don't have the capacity to get back to everyone. If we have an interest in your band, we will get back to you. Best of luck!
Nocturnal Music The webpage doesn't have much on it but this label has anything from Gothic metal to the most extreme metal.
No Colours Records In our store you can find over 900 different CD`s, LP´s, EP´s, Tapes, Videos, T-Shirts, Flags, etc... You can buy articles for example from Nargaroth, Lord Wind, Judas Iscariot,weltmacht, Carpathian Forest, Curse, Graveland, Iuvenes and many more.
Nuclear Blast Germany Label, Mailorder, Wholesale, Fulfilment Service and Distribution for several labels spread over the whole European continent. So far, more than 500 albums / CDs have been released. Placed in Donzdorf, Germany.
Osmose Productions Extreme french metal label carrying such bands as Thornspawn, Seth, and Anorexia Nervosa.There are other bands most of them are Black Metal
Pavement Music Crash Music Inc., a new company specializing in the development and distribution of underground heavy metal, today announces the recent signing of a three-year exclusive US distribution deal with Innovative Distribution Network (IDN). European distribution for the company's label division will be handled through a licensing arrangement with Pavement Music Europe. The Phoenix-based company's first releases are scheduled for this year.
Perverted Taste Records Extreme Metal Label with bands RESURRECTED, COERCION, PURGATORY, and a couple of others, Mostly Death/grind Music.
Plasmatic Music Small Extreme Metal Label with bands Unhola, MoonSorrow, Blazing Skies, Anal Vomit and a couple of others.
Pussy God Records Small Record label with a few bands, Mostly Death/Grind.
Quadrivium Records Extreme Metal label with bands Turning of the Gears, Agonia, Eternal Conspiracy, Resuscitator, Morbosidad, Sol Evil, Sumeria, Willow Wisp and others, Mostly Death/Grind/Black metal.
Razorback Records America's premere Splatter Horrer Grindcore Label with bands Vader, Lord Gore, Birdflesh, Machetazo, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Ghoul, Fuck.. I'm Dead and many more.
Red Stream Records Red Stream - Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Ambient, Industrial, Experimental Label & Distributor.
Redblack Productions Czech Label with The following Bands Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Forgotten Silence, Root, Endless, Sad Harmony, Dark Gamballe, Cales and Insaine.
Relapse Records One of the Bigger Extreme Metal Labels with bands like Mortitian, Nile, Dying Fetus, Morigon, Brutal Truth, Benumb, bLood Duster, Exhumed, Halo, Incantation and alot of others.
Repulse Records Death Metal Label - This label was seriously damaged through Mp3 trading on the internet and also bad investments, they still support a few bands but the site says they dead as of 2002, but who knows..hopefully they pull out of it.
Rock Express ROCK EXPRESS Records: Serbian extreme metal label/distribution & magazines. Home for MAY RESULT, SIMARGAL, PSYCHOPARADOX and 45 more. We are exclusive distributor (for ex-YUG region) for Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Massacre and many more labels from all aound the globe.
Rotten Records At Rotten Records we accept all material anytime, you don't need prior consent or permission to submit a demo. We listen to all material. We prefer CD's although tapes are fine too. We log demos as we listen to them, not as we receive them. So we may not be able to tell you if we received it. Also keep in mind that we specialize in metal, punk, hardcore and anything that is extreme or just plain good regardless of style. However, we do not sign singer/songwriters, folk, christian or anything that far off the deep end .
Scarlet Records Extreme Metal Label with bands Aborym, Arachnes, Cadaveria, Cayne, Centurion, Dakrua, Dark Avenger, Defaced (the), Diabolical, Divine Souls, Eterna, Hatesphere, Heimdall, Inrage, Manticora, Necrodeath, Nightshade, Node, Nude, Provenance (the), Stormlord, Terror 2000 andThy Majestie.
Semen Demon Productions Brutal Death/Grind Label with a few releases, This is a Small label and due the the content of the site i can't say much more then that.
Skull Fucked 100% underground associative label !!! 100% brutal !!!. The main objective is to boost the signed bands (promo, reviews, interviews and gigs !!!) of course in the limits of the possibilities of the label !!! SKULL FUCKED PROD. interests itself in this scene only and hasn't got for ambition to dethrone the « big » french labels. No deal for some bands that are ever signed everywhere else (also for the good fortune splits).
Southern Lord Recordings This label deals wih Extreme Metal acts some of the bands are THORR'S HAMMER, BURNING WITCH, THE OBSESSED, ELECTRIC WIZARD, GOATSNAKE, THE WANT, MONDO GENERATOR, INTERNAL VOID, CHURCH OF MISERY and others.
Spitfire Records This label has other types or rock and Metal, But also has Extreme Metal Bands as well, so even tho this is a little bit into the mainstreem i will still list this one cause it supports both.
Succubus Records Metal... Goth... Atmospheric... Dark... some bands are Canaan, En Garde, Gardens of Gehenna, Glacial Fear, Inverted, Let Me Dream, Lord of Evil, Opera IX, The Seasons of Wither and Sons of Neverland.
Supernal Music Supernal Music was founded in 1996 by Alex Kurtagic, a fan and collector of extreme Metal for many years, who identifed then the need for a fast, cheap, reliable, and comprehensive mail order service in the U.K.
Supreme Brutality Records Supreme Brutality Records distributes the heaviest and sickest music in the world.Check out the always expanding CD catalog and place your order today!
Supreme Music Creations New independent record label from Greece, we have released so far vinyls and CD's by ARKENSTONE, WARLORD, DEAD BY DAWN and VICE HUMAN, we also carry tons of underground vinyls/CD for distribution and offer any promotion activity someone would like to have here in Greece since we know all promoters, shops, magazines etc. here ! Check us out and drop us a mail !
The End Records THE END is a Heavy Metal Record label. We have signed bands from around the globe and offer the best of the current metal genre. All bands are talented, eclectic and promising bringing forth many new and unique elements to the music scene. We see metal as a form of Art and our goal is to challenge the scene with every new release.
The Laser's Edge THE LASER'S EDGE is a compact disc distribution service specializing in progressive rock, metal and psychedelic sounds from around the world. In addition to our two in-house labels, The Laser’s Edge and Sensory, we offer a broad selection from various other labels that we think deserve your attention. We also sell a limited selection of books and videos relating to progressive music. Since we opened for business in 1988, we have developed a worldwide reputation for low prices, fast service and accurate descriptions of the music we offer.
Throne Productions Throne productions is a record/distribution/mailorder label here in Cyprus, we are also supporting Darkera e-mail club/newsletter as well as the internet magazine The Zodiac Chronicle.
Ultima Comparatio Productions Out of the ashes of Ultima Comparatio zine comes Ultima Comparation productions. The zine began in 1992, died somewhere around 1997. I have no real desire to continue with the zine at this point. It simply is redundant to support of Black Metal scene that is utterly filled with pretentiousness. I began the label portion of Ultima Comparatio some time around 1999 or 2000, see the releases section for the releases to date. I have little intention of releasing many more things, but if something comes of interest that is truly cult, I may do some more things. At this point it is more of a mailorder.
Unique Leader Records Extreme Metal Label with bands Vile, Disgorge, Mortal Decay , Agiel, Deeds of Flesh, Necronomicon, Disavowed, Pyaemia, Severed Savior, Spawn of Possession, Decrepit Birth and others.
Unsung Heroes Records Through Unsung Heroes Records, I have tried to put all of my effort into promoting the bands that I believe in - bands that speak to me and I feel have something to say that others want to hear. I try to handle that second word in the oxymoron 'Music Business' so that the artists can concentrate on the more important word - the first one.
Verglas Music Verglas Music was formed in 1995 by Mick Pointer (ex-Marillion) and Clive Nolan (Pendragon) to support the CD releases of their new band, Arena. With the success of Arena's first album, "Songs From The Lion's Cage", Verglas was able to expand their catalogue to other titles. These titles include the work of acts and artists such as Shadowland, Nolan & Wakeman, The Urbane, Strangers On A Train and many others. Based in the UK, Verglas boasts a small but impressive catalogue of albums, which have reached out to listeners across the world.
Victory Records US based label with a few extreme bands, Big site lots of info videos and other things.
Vortex Motions Records We're planning our own releases all the time and having discussions with diffenent parties so we are REALLY interested in hearing demos and promos. We are metal-label but we're not focused on any special category. We appreciate especially band's originality and ability to develope their music further, and because we're doing this professionally we expect the same from our bands. At the moment we're not able to release anything by ourselves. We'll try to change that in near future.
WoodCut Records Woodcut records is a new finnish record company & probably one of the most innovative & promising one fom this country. Their debut releases are simply fantastic. It's rare to see a young label signing so excellent bands at their beginning. Instead od quantity, it seems that Woodcut records privilegizes quality. More, the production of their album are better from the average. It's a good element too.
Yperano Records Yperano is a Record Company and publishing company, based in London, UK. We have released highly acclaimed albums by Less Than Human from Hellas (Greece) and Super·Not from Canada that have excellent songs, fantastic production and great artwork and packaging.