The Site

Ten acres of non-grazed grassland are the basis of the site. The grass has been in place for a number of years giving an ideal base for tents. We have strictly limited the total number of sites on offer to festival goers. This means that individual pitches will be many times the size of those offered by other campsites. Not only does this mean that we offer superb value for money, but we can offer a far superior camping experience.

The site is between 5 and 10 minutes walk from Hylands Park, V99ís venue.

The Facilities

We believe that we offer exceptional facilities on our campsite. There will be a food outlet on site, as well as a shop selling a variety of goods. Of course we also have running water for the use in your own cooking/drinking.

The toilets. It seems there has never been a festival campsite which has not taken a slating due to lack of the most important of facilities. We hope to break this trend. We will have an exceptional loo : person ratio. A point well worth noting!

There will be plenty of car parking space at the campsite meaning that if you arrive by car, it will never be far away.

The Price

Our camping is priced on a per person basis, as opposed to a per tent basis. This means that you will not have to cram as many people as possible in as smaller space as possible. Our camping tickets cost £20 per person (subject to a £2.50 booking fee.) This is from Friday afternoon until Monday, making it comparable to a campsite anywhere else in the country, let alone for ones generally associated with music festivals. (Please note these prices are for people sleeping in tents or camper vans. We welcome caravans and camper vans, however these will require an additional ticket costing £50 (+ £2.50 booking fee)).

How to Pay

By Phone: Call 01245 421086. We accept all major credit and debit cards over the phone.

(Our call centre is open between 0900 and 1300, although we can still accept calls up until 2130)

By Post: We can accept payment by Cheque via the post.

Please Email for further details

Please ensure that payment is received by the 1st August. After we receive payment, we will send you your tickets. (Make sure that you enclose a return address with your payment.)

Note that maximum tickets sales are 6 per application.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that we offer the best camping for the V99 festival. We will offer a professional service, enabling you to enjoy the festival to the full.

Remember, spaces are strictly limited, so if you want the best camping available, get in touch soon!