[picture of my

Jessie's Mama

[picture of grandma Viola]

Jessie's Daddy

[picture of grandfather
Jim Green]

[Jessie's note]

[Jessie's note]

Here is my transcription of this note -- Allen, March 16, 1997

This is James Green, son of Ira & Pamela Green, my father.  He died in
                                                   May 1898 at age about 35
years in Columbus Ohio. -- Jessie Mae Green Mellen.  His brother
Will, and wife Amanda raised me.  He had three other brothers,
 John and Lew and Leonard.  Our family ran to boys.  I had no
 sisters -- just four brothers Ira born the the day Papa was buried, Jim,
                                                    Oscar & Charles,
who died in infancy.  Ira was renamed Charles in his memory.

Jessie at 16

[picture of Jessie]

Here it is ....

Jessie and Bert

[picture of
Jessie and Bert]

Their boy Glen at three

(no one in that family knew whether to spell it Glen or Glenn)

[picture of Glen]

The Manards in 1910.

[picture of Jim Manard,
Viola, Oscar, and Jessie]

Sid with his Granny

[picture of Mary E.
Allen and her grandson]

Me and my Gal

[Two little kids]

Me and my Aunt in 1939

[Two little kids]

The cat & kittens

[unknown ... permission not

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