G-d Bless

I cannot say how proud I am to be an American.  This truly is a great nation filled with genuinely good people.  America stands for liberty and justice.  America stands for freedom and truth.  America has long been a beacon to the world.  America has the oldest democracy and the oldest constitution in the world.  Freedom and democracy our our heritage and our ideal.

People have come to this country in the past to have freedom and to become Americans.  On September 11, 2001, some people came to America to murder over 3000 Americans.  Nothing I could write here, nothing I could put here would be enough.  So I can only dedicate this page to the memory of all those Americans who died on 9/11 and to all the American soldiers who have died fighting to ensure that we here are safer and that our freedom endures.

May G-d bless America!

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