Links to pages of my Family and Friends

I am not sure how to speak about my family and friends without speaking lashon hara. I do not know if I suceeded or failed. Except for my mom's page, the pages are listed roughly alphabetically by last name, even if the last names are not listed.

Family Pages

My Mom's TalkCity homepage Do you think I could get away with not putting my Mom's page first? :-) There is a picture of my mom and dad there. These are the two people who raised me and for that I am greatful. They are, imo, wonderful people. Of course, I may be prejudice on that account.

Mom passed away December 19, 2001. I miss this wonderful woman, may any good I may do be a merit for her soul. TalkCity folded, so I have put her site on my own.
Miriam's page Miriam is a cousin of mine. Like me, she loves her rabbit, or rather, rabbits as she has 26 of them currently.

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