This was my rabbit

Here's a picture a former favorite furry companion:

I named him Tasselhoff Burrfoot after the pointy eared curious kender in the Dragon Lance Saga. Like his namesake, Tas was curious, was likely take peices of paper or envelopes that do not belong to him, had pointy ears... well, is that not enough of a reason for his name? We affectionatly called Tas by one his nicknames: the binky, stinky (not because he smells bad--he doesn't, but because he is constantly sniffing), the bunny (of course), and bunners.

Tas had the unusual habit (until I moved) of taking the drapes in his teeth and doing what we call "playing fishy". He drug the drape around in a circle or close to a circle. I am not certain why he did this, but he seemed to enjoy it like it was a game to him. Sometimes he even hummed (hmm hmm hmm) while "playing fishy." Here is a picture of Tas "playing fishy".

Tas also liked to eat whole rolled oats and raisins. I call the raisins "bunny candy" because he likesdthem so much. Here is a picture of Tas eating a snack on top of his cage.

Tas was 8 years 8 months at the time of his death on December 8, 2000. I figure that was about 88 bunny years. I wrote a poem in his honor. He will be sorely missed.

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