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I like to watch all Star Trek programs, old and new. I am involved in a Star Trek RPG (Role Playing Game) which is hosted by the Holoworld Fleet

My main character, Captain Alyza is currently serving aboard a space station called DS 101. Captain Alyza helped to discover a previously unknown sentient species called the Hetgarot while stationed on the USS Curie as the CSciO. More information about Captain Alyza can be found at the DS 101 link below. Another character is Shagrira Naemah, a civilian ambassador from the Hetgarot, head of the Hetgarot embassy on DS 101. Kari a herbal medicine specialist aboard the USS NIGHTINGALE and Capt. Alyza's younger sister. My newest character is Ens. Naalauilos of the USS YEAGER.

Inactive chars include Cmdr Galia Bitzalel, who served actively on the USS Curie, which uses DS 101 as its home port, from the time of its creation until SD 12.0422. LtCmdr Batya Bitzalel former CO of the USS ZAHAL, and LtCmdr Mist Bagamibatoo, younger sister of former Fleet Admiral Misajidamoo Ma'iingan Bagamibatoo, fomer (no deceased) Fleet CO of the Cocoon fleet -- a paper pushing character. Mist was officially presumed dead in an explosion, but in reality she was somewhere with SFSec. She now works on SB OMEGA

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My DS 101 related pages active :-)
The USS CURIE Homepage Currently npc, historically active from SD 8.0329 to SD 12.0507
The USS ZAHAL Homepage Historical as in its last mission.
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Maps of the Cocoon concentrating on the area near DS 101
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