The Ambler Family
Welcome to the Amblers home page.  This family includes of a father, a mother, and two children.  The Amblers live in Texas.  They all go to an anglican church about 15 minutes away from where they live.

Edwin Price Ambler is the father, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.  He was the youngest of three boys, attended The University of Texas, and now is an Executive Director of institutional equity sales with CIBC World Markets.

Julie Elizabeth Hyland Ambler is the mother of two children.  She was born in Bosten, Machussettes but raised in Dalles, Texas.  She went to Middlebury University and then switched over to The University of Texas, where she met Price.  She now works at church and at home.

Julia Charlotte is 11 and is entering the 6th grade at a private christian school.  Julia loves; horseback riding, dancing, going to the movies, talking on the enternet, going shopping, and talking to her friends on the phone.  She was born in California and moved to Texas when she was five years old.

JP is eight years old and attends the same school as Julia, but is entering the 3rd grade this year.  His hobbies include the following; watching movies, playing with his friends, reading, playing soccar, doing marshal arts, playing nintendo, and looking up anything to do with dragon ball Z on the enternet and riding horses.  He was born in California and moved to Texas when he was two years old.
Julia and JP at the YO Ranch
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