In Loving Memory

James "Adam" Jenkins

June 4, 1986 - June 10, 1997

On June 4th, of 1986, we received our little bundle of joy, indeed our greatest gift from God. James "Adam" Jenkins. The name James was taken from Adam's maternal papaw. At about age 2, Adam said his name was Papaw Adam Jenkins, and oh so proud of it. As you will see Adam truly was a gift from God, since Mommy has juvenile diabetes and a strong history of female problems, we never knew if we would be able to give birth to our own child.

Adam truly was our miracle child and he quickly found a special place in each and every one of his grandparents and aunt and uncles hearts, even his cousins thought of him as their brother.

It didn't take long for Adam's sweet smile to touch many lives and leave an everlasting impression. His gentle nature and kind blue eyes told the story of a heart full of love and a willingness to give. At the funeral home, we heard many stories of Adam's thoughtfulness, he checked on our elderly neighbors daily, bringing them their mail, or just stopping by to say "hey" or maybe singing a carol during the holidays to bring a little cheer.

How can a Mommy and Daddy describe eleven years and six days of good memories and proud moments? This is impossible but look through these tender, loving blue eyes and try to imagine a funny, loving and considerate little boy that had a ornery streak, enough to let us know that he truly was boy through and through who loved the outdoors, and his little mind was constantly busy thinking of his next project and how he would build it or finance it or make a club of neighborhood kids to get it done.

Adam's ideas and our dreams were shattered by an impaired driver and a needless police chase on 6/10/97.

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