In Loving Memory of Amanda Lee Robbins

May 16, 1988 - October 23, 1996


I remember your beautiful curls-The times I rocked you to sleep-The deep joy you have brought into my life. You are my magical moment tied with a pink ribbon.

I miss you and love you so much and your brother Justin also loves and misses you. Amanda you are my hero and so strong and beautiful.

Brother Justin, Mom, Amanda and her doll Kerine

Amanda posing for a picture

Welcome Home

Welcome Home My child, My Precious one
Your work on earth has been well done.

You have been a witness to many while on earth
And you've shared the story about the miracle birth.

You never hid the fact that you loved me
You shared the word no matter what the need be.

You spoke of me often to family and friends
And you showed how faith can strengthen and often mends.

You did your best to always give glory to me
And for this you will live eternally.

And now the time has come for you to rest
I'm taking you home as my special guest.

Welcome home my child, My precious one
Your work on earth has been well done.

...God bless you Amanda...


Amanda Lee, my beautiful daughter
I miss the times we'd spend at the water.

I miss the times we'd laugh together
I thought we'd be together forever.

God, you said you'd come again
Now I wait for the end.

So we can all be together forever
I look to Thee and ask

Why God, did she have to go?
Time is going so slow.


Amanda posing again

Amanda sharing her Easter candy

Mommy holding her not even 12 hour old Amanda

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