In Loving Memory of

Denise Christine Vargas

November 22, 1970 - September 26, 1998

Life is too short to worry about pain and death. I think that by all the worrying you're not living you're life to the fullest. Well my mother was so totally different then that... she did not worry about anything at all. It was her life and she lived it the way she wanted to.

Being the youngest out of 5 children was good for her.. she enjoyed it plenty. Her parents loved their children deeply and showed in every way possible.

The reasons why everyone loved her was because she was beautiful inside and out and was never dishonest or rude to anyone at all. No one could hate her... she was way too sweet for them to hate.

No one was ready for this big change of losing a daughter, mother, sister, and most importantly a friend. When she had gone beyond, a part of us went with her.

I'm glad that she did go beyond this terrible world because she deserved the best and that is the best you could ask for. When she left to go be with God she let everyone know that she loved them all so very much.

Time goes by and wonder why she had to leave? Now I know and that is because she deserved better and that is what she got. Better then this place that we call home but really isn't.

Since I never got to say goodbye I just want to say treasure the people you love now before they leave you and you never get to hold them or tell them you love them. So remember you never miss a real good thing until they are really gone.

We love you mom more then words could ever say.

Also we miss you so much ... can't wait to see you.

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