In Loving Memory of

Ethan M. Williams

03/24/98 - 03/24/98

To my precious son Ethan

My baby boy that I long to hold, I love you with all of my heart and soul. I don't know what to do without you. All of my hopes and dreams are shattered. Everything I had planned for you I can't do. I will never understand why this has happened. All of the times that I was looking so forward to have been taken away from me. I feel like I was robbed of a lifetime of happiness to watch you grow, smile, laugh, talk and do all of the things we could do as a family.

You will always be my precious baby boy and nothing will ever change that. I just wish that you could be here with me. Oh, what I would give to have that. How I wanted the sleepless nights to hold you in my arms and nurse you. To hear you cry, coo, giggle that I will never get to hear. I don't understand why you were taken away. I want you back, my precious baby boy. Why does it have to be like this. My heart will always ACHE for you and know that I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! I know that you will never be far from our thoughts. Whenever I light a candle I think of you, because you will always live in my heart!


Mom & Dad

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