In Loving Memory

Justin Robert Pavlick

June 24, 1994 - August 18, 1994


    With months of anticipation, and things to do,
    The time had finally come, the arrival of you.

    One Friday afternoon, with tears of joy,
    You entered this life, a beautiful little boy.

    I took one look at you and it was then that I knew,
    You had Mommies brown eyes, not those of blue.

    The short time we had, I know you could feel,
    The love in my heart, so strong and so real!

    Bathtime was great because Matthew helped too,
    You see he was your brother and he loved you.

    For he would talk to you and hold your hand,
    Because being a big brother to him was grand.

    The late night talks (you mainly listened),
    I could see the comfort for your eyes would glisten.

    Mommy would talk sometimes all night long,
    Or we would rock in a chair and I'd sing you a song.

    Hush little baby is the one you liked best,
    So thats what I had written when I layed you to rest.

    From time to time I still rock and still sing,
    Because now I need the comfort YOU bring!

    I love you Justin!
    Love Mommy

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