" Our Sunny Sunflower posing for a picture!"

This precious gift from God was loved and adored by so many people. She brought such immeasurable joy and love to so many lives. Lauren was kind, considerate, loving, giving, sweet, nurturing, good, pure, etc., etc., etc..... This list could go on and on until I ran out of words in the dictionary and still that would not be enough words to describe all that she was. Only a heart can know the true feeling of all that she was. That feeling from our hearts that can not be truely expressed in words understood by our ears.

Honestly, I could go on for days about Lauren and all of her wonderful traits, mannerisms, and things that she has said or done. Instead I am going to try to show you through your senses how much Lauren means, meant and will always mean to me.

Imagine springtime and all that it represents to this world. Springtime is rebirth, new life, beauty, love, peace, etc. ... Now imagine the most beautiful picture of a springtime landscape that you can imagine. Take it in with all of your senses. See the beauty of your surroundings. The rolling hills, free and new. The array of colors provided in all the new flowers beginning to bloom. Blues, scarlets, purples, greens, yellows, oranges, so many colors in so many different hues. Listen to the busy loving making of birds and animals. The buzzing of the bees and the soft whisper of the wind blowing the trees ever so gently. Now smell the new growth of the beautifully, natural fragrant of the flowers and the trees. The flowers and the trees are just beginning to bloom and produce the most beautiful flowers and the most delectable fruit that ever was. Feel the warm delightful rays of sun dancing on your face and body. Now take it all in slowly, sense by joyful sense. What you are experiencing now is a piece of the intense joy , love and fullfilment that Lauren brought into our lives. Lauren's presence made living such a joy. Her laughter, her smiles, her attitude and her behavioral traits brought unexpressable joy and purpose to my being. In the short time that Lauren was here ( four years, nine months and twenty-nine days), she gave a love that could not be replaced or duplicated, ever!

I thank the Lord for Lauren, a very special messenger sent to teach us so much about love and giving. I miss her with every fiber of my being. Living without her here to share life with seems so meaningless. Until we are reunited, my sweet angel. I love you .

"Our little Princess".

"Smiling Lauren - She was so proud of her long blonde hair".

"Lauren Love"

When I took Lauren to get this picture taken the photographer asked her to make a face that represented love. The look of love on Lauren's face is so much an example of the love that she brought into our lives. Also the love that our lives will be missing until we meet again in heaven.

I love you forever my angel - your mommy