In Loving Memory of

Mason Dean Krause

May 28, 1998 - August 6, 1999

Mason was our first child.

We were so excited on the day we delivered him. Then to find out that he had a major heart defect just blew us out of the water. He had open heart surgery to repair that and they did. And then he developed Renal Failure. So we went to another hospital to wait for a kidney transplant. Mason died before he could recieve it.

He was the light of my life. He was my whole life. I love Mason and always will. I miss u so much Mason.

I miss your smiling face... the smell your laugh, holding you. I miss everything there is to miss about you. I love u Mason and will always be thinking of you. So save me a place so someday i can rock u in my arms forever.

Love Mommy Rita

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