Disclaimer: The following is a summary of the question and answer session. No recording devices were allowed so this is from notes and I don't know shorthand so I tried to get down the basics but keep in mind this is not a transcript - only a summary. I need to point out that the sound system wasn't the best so it was often impossible to hear the questions asked. I will try to give you the main points that the speaker touched on with actual quotes in bold. Occasionally a bit of my own opinion may come through regarding a question or answer. I mean no disrespect to anyone who may have asked one of these questions and apologize ahead of time if I offend anyone. Keep in mind, I'm just another person with another opinion so don't let it get to you.

Nick Lea's Q&A

Following the film clips featuring his character Alex "Ratboy" Krycek, Nick Lea comes out on stage to wild applause. He immediately starts looking for a chair and finally finds one and sits down, saying hello and thank you. Right away, some people in the front row come up to the stage and hand him a neon green sign which reads - All Hail The Rat King. He takes it smiling and after reading it and setting it aside, proceeds to sit down again. In the process he nearly tips the chair over. He says, "That could have been embarrassing."

He starts out by telling a story about the last time he was at DFW airport. He was coming back from Costa Rica and was frisked by security or customs. As the man was on his knees behind Nick reaching up to check on a particularly private area, he started a conversation on where he might have seen Nick before. When he told the guy he was an actor and worked on The Commish, the guy recognized him and, as he continued his thorough search, proceeded to hold this long conversation to Nick's mortification.

He discussed how he got the role of Krycek. He had been in the first season episode GenderBender and he and Rob Bowman had worked really well together. When it came time to cast for the character Alex Krycek, Bowman was there pulling for Nick. He talked about how he feels there's not a lot of good storytelling on TV; that it's a bit of a wasted medium. He feels The X-Files is a great show because the creators and the audience get to use their imagination. He feels very fortunate; very lucky.

At this point Nick turned the floor over to questions from the audience. The first one had to do with how much the actors knew about the scripts beforehand. He said he doesn't ever know what is going to happen with his character and when he first gets a script he opens it up to see if he's still alive at the end of the episode. He commented on getting the script for the last two-parter and opening up to the scene where he kisses Marita and saying "I'm doing what!?!"

The next person asked if he had trouble filming the scenes where he has to kiss with the crew watching. He talked about how it was different for XF because there isn't a lot of kissing or sex on the show. Then he said, the exception was Mitch. "Mitch'll do anything." He continued to discuss the scene he had with Laurie Holden in "Patient X" and how they talked about it beforehand; how they wanted to approach it and how it should look. Then they discussed whether they should just kiss beforehand to get it out of the way. They decided not to and just went with the moment during filming. He said they clicked teeth but continued the shoot and he thought it turned out fine. He commented on how he was rambling, "God, I talk a lot don't I?"

Someone asked him about the internet and whether he participated. He said he's not an online person but hears about it from some of his friends who are on all the time. He commented that he was still stuck back in the early eighties then offered up that he did have a touch-tone phone. The audience member was the "Keeper of The Nicholas Lea Homepage, one of the best on the web", and when she asked if he had seen the site, he said he had visited quite recently and thought it was a good page. Her question was about "The Kiss" with Mulder. Nick said he thought it was hilarious. When he found out it was in the script he thought it was great. He said it was in, then they almost removed it from the script, but that it ended up back in the script by the final shoot. He commented that it wasn't homoerotic in his opinion but "more of a good luck kiss, a Russian thing." He said while they were filming it they couldn't stop laughing; him, David, Chris...all of them. It took something like 14 takes and CC kept saying stuff like, "Closer to the mouth. Closer to the mouth."

The next guy asked Nick what it felt like to be the most hated man in America. This got a lot of boos and razzing from the audience who clearly disagreed with the assessment. Nick then asked the guy, "How does it feel to be the most hated man in the room?" The guy then asked about his Canadian broadcast show "Once A Thief". He told the audience that it had been fun to shoot but that it had been canceled. He thought if it did get picked up in the states it might be on Showtime. He made it sound like he wasn't sad about it being wrapped, probably hoping to move on to other projects. He said he was on to bigger and better things and had just had an audition for a role in an Al Pacino movie which also starred Russell Crowe.

A comment from somebody who said they wanted to see more Krycek and would he be in more episodes coming up. He said he definitely would be in more episodes and reiterated the fact that he's always checking the latest scripts wondering, "Do I die in this one?"

Asked about the most difficult episode he's been in he named Tunguska/Terma. He said the hardest thing was learning his lines in Russian. He doesn't actually know Russian so had to learn his lines phonetically. He found that he was concentrating so hard on saying the lines correctly that it made it difficult to inject the emotion needed for the scene.

He was asked about whether he is aware of or has read any of the slash fan-fiction on the net. He said he'd seen it and said, "About that, let me assure you...", and let the sentence trail off. Very funny. He said he didn't think anything would ever happen between Mulder and Krycek on the show commenting that they would just "admire each other from afar."

Another question regarding Krycek being bad and if he was going to die anytime soon. He once again said he won't be dying anytime soon. He went on to discuss the character and how he can't really play him or consider him "bad". He says the character is the way he is for a reason and you have to try to present him as someone who's had something happen in his past to bring him to where he is and what he's doing. (At this point a plane went over. We had to deal with this because we were, in fact, at an airfield.)

Nick was asked about the missing arm and whether it made filming difficult. He said at first they had a prosthetic device that looked like a "big glove - something you'd buy at Thrifty's" which was really difficult and he asked if he could switch to something more comfortable. They came up with the idea of using a painted surgical glove on his hand. This meant that he would have to remember to hold his hand in the same position but it was better than wearing the first prosthetic hand. He was asked if they had told him about the arm and whether he had approved ahead of time. He said, "Absolutely!" He was all for it, giving him a chance to expand the character and have something new to challenge him.

He was asked what his future plans are after The X-Files goes into the history books. His first two choices were tennis pro and going on a golf tour. In reality, he wants to continue pursuing his acting.

Someone asked him about the special effects on the show and he told the story about the mask he had to wear when filming Apocrypha. He said he thought it was pretty cool wearing the mask at first with all the goo dripping out but it got old quick. He said one day he got on set, into make-up and ready to go when they called a break for lunch and he had to sit around in his mask and wait. He also mentioned that they shot the entire sequence with him exuding the oil alien on top of the spacecraft then saw the dailies and decided it had been too dark and they needed to shoot it all over again. The other effects story he told was about his scene dangling off Skinner's balcony in Tunguska. He said they wanted to have him standing on a platform just below the balcony when they shot it but he didn't think it would look realistic enough. He ended up hanging from a harness, 17 floors up by one arm. He said it was "frightening but exciting."

Someone asked the same question about what happens after The X-Files and Nick said, "What, like a spin-off?" Lots of repeat questions. The person tried to rephrase or clarify the question and it turned into an amazing rambling sentence that I couldn't pick a question out of and apparently Nick couldn't either since, when the person finished he said, "I think you're insane." He immediately said he was just kidding but it sure cracked me up.

Someone asked if there would ever be an episode like "Musings of Alex Krycek". He said he was really interested in seeing something like this so we could find out Ratboy's backstory. He said when he got the role, and as it progressed, he sort of made up his own version of Krycek's past. It's nothing that he talks about, it's just for his use as he creates the character.

The next question was whether he knew if Krycek would ever get the arm back. He asked if the person meant the actual arm or a mechanical, electronic arm. He figured a mechanical arm would be pretty cool but he really didn't know what was going on in Carter's head.

A question about whether the show was going to be over after this season and the movie. He said the show will continue and added, "But you didn't hear it from me!" He also mentioned that he wouldn't be in the movie. He commented on how busy he had been and that, when he saw the extent of the role they were considering, he figured it was more of a token appearance so decided against it. He says they can save his movie appearance for the next one.

He was talking about Rob Bowman and how much he likes working with him and how much he feels he owes him for getting him this great gig on such a great show. He said, "Every time I see Rob Bowman I give him a dollar."

I missed the actual question but he started talking about the extent of the role of Krycek originally. He was hired for three episodes only, Sleepless, Duane Barry, and Ascension. At the end of Ascension he was supposed to be found out and turned in by Mulder. Since his character was working out so well they decided to make it more nebulous so they'd be free to bring him back. To do this they just had him disappear. When he first read it he wasn't that happy because he thought they were just going to have him vanish without an explanation but the way it turned out was much better than the original idea so he's very happy.

Someone asked how involved Krycek actually is with the Elders. He said it's obvious from his scenes with the Well Manicured Man that they have some sort of past and have known each other for awhile. At first, it was just Krycek working for CSM since they really didn't have a Syndicate as such written into the show. But now he says Krycek is really on his own, sort of a free agent. He said Krycek is "just out there trying to stay alive."

He was asked how he liked working with William B. Davis. He said WBD was a real gentleman and very focused. He commented on how he hasn't had any scenes with him lately since he's off on his own now and most of his scenes are with Duchovny.

The next person commented on how he was even better looking in person. This elicited a huge cheer. Then they asked about the physicality of the role. He said he does his stunts himself if at all possible. They usually have to hold him back. For instance, in Terma he read about the scene where he rolls from the bed of the out of control truck with Mulder at the wheel and decided that he could do that stunt himself. They had to tell him no for insurance reasons. He said somebody (I don't remember if it was one of the directors) will be asked if a stuntman is needed for a particular scene of Nick's and will usually say, NO. He said he's had his share of bumps and bruises but nothing major; no breaks. Then he said, "I'm no Jackie Chan!" He said he's a fan of Harrison Ford and his work in movies like the Indiana Jones series and The Fugitive. He says when Ford is supposed to be taking a punch he actually looks like he's getting punched.

The next question was what would he like to see Krycek do in the future. Nick said, "Ummm, how can I answer that differently." He said he's pretty happy with the direction his character is going. He's getting some sex on the side (a Marita reference, perish the thought!), getting to beat up Mulder, and he thinks this is all good. Asked about his character's motivations he said he liked playing a shadowy character with a past. He said Krycek was enigmatic, slipping in and out of the light and dark.

He was asked what his first acting job was. He said he was in a local Vancouver production that featured a real-life psychologist and the actors on stage would act out emotions. He was told by one of the people there that he did a good job and he said, "I was like 'Yeah. I've got it going on.'" It really psyched him up and gave him some confidence that this was something he could be good at.

He was asked who his favorite actor was and he started off saying it was really difficult to pick since there are so many actors he respects. He finally said Jimmy Stewart and Meryl Streep.

The next person mentioned being from Austin and Nick said he really liked the area and thought it was pretty. He said he'd been there three years earlier and asked the person what that great place to go swimming was. It was Barton Springs and he said that place was really sweet; a really pretty place.

Someone asked about working with Melinda McGraw (Melissa Scully) on The X-Files. They worked together on The Commish and he said it was fun because they knew each other and had some history together. He said they had dated but no longer did though were still good friends.

Talked more about his character and whether Krycek thought he was doing these things for the betterment of man, the FBI, his country. Nick said he thought the character started out working for the FBI and thought his work with CSM was a service to his country. He actually believed that spying on Mulder was the right thing to do. But now he says Krycek has learned some hard lessons and had some doors shut in his face. He's turned into a different character. He started out this fresh-faced guy, and that was sincere but now he's changed. He has a thirst for power and revenge.

He was asked about working on Sliders. He said he was considered for the role of what would have been the 5th slider. He did about three shows and said it was fun. He commented that he wasn't sure if he would have wanted to go that route anyway. He said he's very careful now about what roles and projects he chooses. He has some priorities which include working on building a strong career and continuing to work on The X-Files.

Asked if he believed in extraterrestrials, Nick said the romantic side of him believes. The side of him that likes to think that anything is possible. He went on to say that he heard a scientist who worked on the SETI project talking on NPR and thought about what the chances were that we were alone with all the galaxies and all the planets out there. He figured it would be nice if extraterrestrials were out there.

Someone mentioned his role as Cory Raines on Highlander: The Series and whether he thought he'd get a chance to reprise the role. He said he didn't think so, that it was just a one shot deal. Then she (I think it was the same person that asked this question) asked if she could come up and get a "good luck" kiss like the one he gave Mulder. He was nice enough to say yes and she went up onto the stage and was the only lucky soul to receive this special treatment during his stage appearance.

The last question was whether he was like his character. Nick said, "You mean without the killing part?" He said he thought he shared with Krycek the desire to succeed. That both of them were career driven, something that most of his ex-girlfriends would attest to. He's intense, much like the character. He said that on the show, Krycek is always in heightened situations onscreen. It's tough because of that. He went on to say that this intensity is similar to how he approaches his career, "But I don't kill producers." He feels that Krycek is driven by revenge now. He wants to get back at whoever did him wrong.

Following the last question he said thanks for making him feel welcome and left the stage.

March 23, 1998 

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