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Junior Muscle

Muay Thai (thaiboxing) junior champion Mumpaz at age 9
Doing his sit ups

12 year old Tommy from Dallas

Showing off where the power is

Kondais, twin brother of Mumpaz. Both are gut punching contestants.

Junior swim champion, unknown name

9 y.o.





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Boyfight Discussion

Situations as presented here are only legal and morally acceptable as far as subjects submit themselves from own free will and at all times can determine whether or not to continue their submission. Violation of Human Rights, illegal sexual activities involving minors and non-consensual activities, whether physical or emotional are condemned both in private and in any organization and must be prosecuted.

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Although a guy named is continuously making malicious efforts trying to damage this page and to offend its viewers, please be assured there is nothing wrong with the content of this page.

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