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On Jacob Daniel Broughton's page, we listed the names of all his nine children as documented on I. J. & R. Ann Broughton's succession, including their spouses. However, a few of the children were not married at the time of the succession. They did wed later. Here's a little more about them…


 Carrie Broughton
 Eddie Broughton
 Jacob Daniel Broughton Jr.




Carrie Broughton

Carrie Broughton, a daughter of Jacob Daniel Broughton (Sr.), was living in Crossett, Arkansas in 1905, but by 1907 she was married to W. M. Deason according to the Index to Lincoln Parish, LA Marriages, 1873-1936.

Eddie Broughton

Eddie Broughton, son of Jacob Daniel Broughton (Sr.) was still a minor living in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana in 1905. According to the Index to Lincoln Parish, LA Marriages, 1873-1936 he married Eunice Rives in 1914. She was born February 28, 1893. Eddie C. Broughton was born Aug 15, 1888 in Ashley County, Arkansas. Eddie Broughton and Eunice had two daughters and a son:

  • Ilah Vilee Broughton
  • Juanita Broughton
  • Thomas E. Broughton

The eldest daughter, Ilah Vilee, was born July 23, 1915. On November 5, 1932, she married Curtis Bagwell in Dubach, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. "Vi Lee" died in Bernice, Union Parish, Louisiana on January 18, 1995 at the age of 79. Her father, Eddie, died in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana on November 24, 1977. He’s buried at Henry Cemetery near Dubach, Louisiana. Eunice was buried beside her husband, Eddie, after she passed away on February 16, 1979.

Jacob Daniel Broughton Jr.

Jacob Daniel Broughton (Jr.) married Mary Lee Britt, the daughter of John Alan Britt. Born November 21, 1902, Mary Lee was six years younger than her husband. Together, they had four children: Prentis Broughton, Alene Broughton, Cecil Shelby Broughton and Helen Broughton.

  • Prentis Broughton was born February 13, 1920 in Dubach. In his hometown on November 6, 1954, Prentis married Lillian Stokes of Union Parish, Louisiana. Lillian was born on Christmas day in 1933. They had three daughters:
    • Cheryl Ann Broughton, born October 29, 1955
    • Jerri Dean Broughton, born November 25, 1961
    • and Betty Jean Broughton, born May 6, 1964.
  • Alene Broughton was born September 5, 1922. She married Melvin Brazzell and had three children:
    • Leon Brazzell, Dianne Brazzell, and Lane Brazzell.
  • Cecil Shelby Broughton, son of Jacob Daniel Broughton (Jr.), was born May 5, 1925 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. His first wife was Linnie Gay Foster of Bernice. She was born February 5, 1930. She would give birth to ten children.
    • Cecil and Linnie Gay named their first son after Cecil’s brother. Prentis Barmore Broughton was born August 11, 1946.
    • Their second child was a daughter, Mary Evelyn Broughton, who was born March 9, 1949 in Lincoln Parish. She never made it to her first birthday, dying on January 10, 1950. She’s buried at Henry Cemetery near Dubach.
    • A month later, Cecil and Linnie would have their third child, Cecil Roy Broughton, born on February 13, 1950. Cecil Roy would live to be 25. On March 29, 1975, he was killed in an automobile accident in Claiborne Parish. He too is buried at Henry Cemetery.
    • Cecil and Linnie’s fouth child was named Steve Broughton. He was born on February 19, 1951 in Ruston, Louisiana.
    • James Edward Broughton became the fifth child born to Cecil and Linnie on January 19, 1952.
    • Next came Paul Allen Broughton who was born in Homer, Louisiana on April 12, 1956.
    • A year later, on March 10, 1957, a daughter was born in Bernice, Louisiana. Cecil and Linnie named her Deborah Lynn Broughton.
    • On October 17, 1958, another daughter was born in Bernice. She was named Barbara Broughton, but she’s better known to family and friends as "Bobbie."
    • On June 18, 1960, Linnie gave birth to the couple’s ninth child, Sandra Broughton.
    • The baby of the family came five years later. A daughter, Joanne Broughton was born to Cecil Shelby and Linnie Gay Broughton in Ruston on November 24, 1965.

On October 15, 1972, Cecil lost his wife when she died in Hico, Louisiana. Linnie Gay is buried at Henry Cemetery near her daughter, Mary Evelyn and her son, Cecil Roy Broughton. Cecil Shelby Broughton remarried on April 6, 1975 in Ruston. His second wife is Dubach-native, Mary Lou Davis who was born February 18, 1927. The couple lives in Dubach, Louisiana.

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