Eleventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Ira Cornelius Buckalew (4220) & Josephine Hendrick

6489. Lorena Buckalew. Born on 23 December 1910 in Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX. Lorena died in Denton Co., TX, on 14 August 1979; she was 68.

On 6 April 1929 when Lorena was 18, she married Landrith (Landruff ?) T. Kerby, son of William Franklin Kerby & Lula Lee Cole, in Waco, TX. Born on 25 September 1905 in Alvarado, Ellis Co., TX. Landrith (Landruff ?) T. died in Denton, TX, on 9 August 1984; he was 78.

They had one child:
8892 i. Jay Frank (Private)

6490. Odel A. Buckalew (Private).
Odel A. married Annie Rose.
They had one child:
8893 i. Helen Jean

6491. Colvin C. Buckalew. Born on 13 July 1912. Colvin C. died in 1991; he was 78.

From: "Darrell Buckalew" <buckalew@sunny-net.ne.jp>
To: "The Buckalew Family" <buckles@mindspring.com>
Subject: From the Buckalew Family Web Site
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:40:49 +0900

Hi my name is Darrell Buckalew.  You have all of Colvin Buckalew's(passed away in 1991) information correct, but you have Don Buckalew's info incorrect.  He is now currently remarried to Dominga Buckalew and has one child from that marriage, Darrick Gavin Buckalew.  Also, you have the children of Don and Maggie(actually Hannah Margret Buckalew) to be Tommie and somebody else.  Our names are Darrell Christopher and Deanne Nicole Buckalew.  Deanne is now married to Mario(dont know last name.  Just happened) and lives in Saudi Arabia.  And as well, I am married to Joanne and live in Japan.  We will both be coming back to the states in a year or two and would like to attend one of the geneology events if possible.  Thank you for taking time to track events such as this.  If you need anything else, please contact me at dbuckalew@hotmail.com  Darrell and Joanne Buckalew 

Colvin C. first married Fredda.

They had the following children:
8894 i. Anna Jo
8895 ii. Don

Colvin C. second married Alma.

6492. Lucille Buckalew (Private).
Lucille married Robert Kilgore.
6493. Inez Buckalew. Born in 1918. Inez died in 1926; she was 8.

6494. Joe Allen Buckalew (Private).
Joe Allen married Norma Jean Steel.
They had the following children:
8896 i. Ray Allen
8897 ii. Robert

6495. Billy Ray Buckalew (Private).
Billy Ray married Mary Frances Stainback.
They had the following children:
8898 i. Tresia
8899 ii. Brenda
8900 iii. Debra
8901 iv. Denna

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