Orange County Transit Authority

Orange County, CA

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7/1/98 snapshot

Number Builder Model Serial# Acquired Former # Notes
3001-3175 GMC T81-1203 Al196-Al370 1980 3070, 3086, 3110, 3143-3145 off roster
4101-4122 Gillig 4096TBLI0 J1082148-169 1988
4123-4152 Gillig 4096TBLI0 J1082118-147 1988
4153-4167 Gillig 409STB6V92T J1082178-192 1988
4201-4263 Gillig 4096TBLI0 K1082796-858 1989
4264-4269 Gillig 4096TBL10 L1082859-864 1990
5001-5039 New Flyer D40 LU013891-929 1990
5101-5114 New Flyer D40 LU013930-943 1990 Mostly forward facing seats and overhead parcel racks.
5201-5250 New Flyer D40LF SU015866-915
Out of order
5301-5397 New Flyer D40LF VU017939-035 1997/98
5401 New Flyer D40LF VU017537 1997
5402-5418 New Flyer D40LF VU018046-062 1998
6001-6025 El Dorado/National "E-Z Rider" low floor 30-foot Note 1 1999 built '98-'99;
7001 Volvo/White 1WUDBGMD2 HN123484 1987 tractors
7104-7107 Volvo/GMC Series 7 Mixed 1993 tractors
7501 Capre Super Bus HCO03001 1987 trailers
7604-7607 Magna Bus Trailer 46' PT001108-111 1993 trailers
8101-8191 Ford/El Dorado Econoline 350/Aerotech Mixed 1997
8201-8245 Ford/El Dorado Econoline 350/Aerotech Mixed 1998
8701-8730 Ford/El Dorado Econoline 350/Falcon Mixed 1993
8750-8795 Ford/Goshen Econoline 350/GC 11 Mixed 1994
8801-8838 Ford/El Dorado Econoline 350/ELF Mixed 1995

Data from the OCTA 1998 Annual Survey published by: Western Transit and updates from Steve Hoskins
last updated 3/19/99

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