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San Francisco Municipal Railway
San Francisco, CA

Version 1.0.0 roster as of 1/98
Number Builder Model Serial/Vin # Acquired Former # Notes
4500-4679 Flyer D902-10240 3026-3205 1984
5003-5345 Flyer E10240 0644-0986 3-12/77
6000 MAN SG-310-293-12 EC810646 1984
6001-6099 MAN SG-310-293-12 EC820711 -809 1984
6082 II MAN SG-310-293-12 FC130977 1985
7000 New Flyer E60 NU014528 04/94
7001-7059 New Flyer E60 PU014983-15041 1995
8801-8850 New Flyer D40 JU013153-202 12/88
8901-8956 New Flyer D40 KU013412-467 05/90
9001 Orion 01.502 L6002326 1990 Bicycle rack equipped.
9002-9022 Orion 01.502 L6002545-565 1990 Bicycle rack equipped.
9023-9045 Orion 01.502 L6002571-593 1990 Bicycle rack equipped.
9101-9124 New Flyer D60 MU014007-030 12/90
339R-341R Flyer D10235C 1706-1708 02/80 Ex SAMTRANS, same numbers. To Nationwide Auctioneers
343R,345R,52R Flyer D10235C 1710,1712,1719 02/80 Ex SAMTRANS, same numbers. To Nationwide Auctioneers
355R-357R Flyer D10235C 1722-1724 02/80 Ex SAMTRANS, same numbers. To Nationwide Auctioneers
601R,603R-605R Flyer D10240C 1729,1731-1733 02/80 Ex SAMTRANS, same numbers.
607R-612R Flyer D10240C 1735-1740 02/80 Ex SAMTRANS, same numbers.
615R,616R,619R Flyer D10240C 1743,1744,1747 02/80 Ex SAMTRANS, same numbers.
Data from the Jan. 1998 issue of: Western Transit
last updated 1/25/99

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