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The Home Page for Traphagen, Traphagan, Trapheagen, and Triphagen

researchers in the United States.

Hosted by Chris Brooks

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    arabq_tt.jpg (6719 bytes)his homepage is for all people researching the surname Traphagen and it's many variants. It's original intent was to be a small information area for people researching the Traphagen name, but it has mushroomed into a series of pages ranging from the early history of the family in Germany as has so far been discovered to the early generations of the four Traphagen emmigrants to the United States. I have tried to keep the files small for easy loading but there is so much temptation to display all of the findings of twenty years of research. It is hoped by the display of this information that researchers will be able to better discover information on a family that so little has been written of but which is very much a part of American History. The name Traphagen is very old, originating in the German County of Lippe previous to the year 1400 and although it has never been numerous worldwide, it could be found locally numerous in certain locales.

        It is hoped that anyone accessing this page with additional information, questions, corrections or comments would please contact me so that research on this family can continue.

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        The Rose is the symbol of the ancient German County of Lippe where the Traphagen Family originated.  It is used here to denote the place of origin of this American Family and it's Homepage.


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arabq_tt.jpg (6719 bytes)raphagen Families in the United States and Germany



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