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Explanations to the Dictionnaire Jetté.

last update : October 24, 1997

The French language "Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec des origines à 1730" by René Jetté in collaboration with the Progamme de recherche en démographie historique (PRDH) of the Université de Montréal, is today the main source of genealogical information easily available to most people, covering the period from the beginnings to December 31th, 1730.

Most public libraries throughout Canada and the United States have a copy for consultation. It covers the genealogy of the families who were living in the general area known today as Quebec, and known events related to these families that have happened at other places such as in France or out West.

The title translates to "Genealogical Dictionary of Quebec Families from the Origins to 1730". It is available in French from the Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal, C.P.6128 succ "A", Montréal QC,Canada, H3C 3J7. The price is CAN$250 (about US$185) for 1176 large pages with very small print that will keep you busy for years. Cheaper to buy than spend 10-20 hours photocopying aside from being more honest. It can be ordered through any serious bookstore with the following international reference:

ISBN 2-7606-0645-5

No, I don't have a commission for this free ad and yes, I wish I had.

The following example is used to explain the meanings of the various entries.
ROBERT dit LAFONTAINE, Louis († André, marchand & † Catherine Bonin) b 12-08-1638 Ste-Marguerite, v., ar. et év. La Rochelle, Aunis (Charente-Maritime); d 01 s 02-01-1711 Boucherville; au rec. 67, à Trois-rivières; au rec 81, à Boucherville, cordonnier. [AG-LaR, MSGCF (114):219-220]
"tree" m 25-01-1666 Trois-Rivières (ct 10 Ameau)
BOURGERY, Marie (Jean-Baptiste & Marie GENDRE) d 19 s 20-09-1719

1. Pierre n 19 b 21-08-1671 Boucherville m 1698 Angélique PTOLÉMÉ; engagé Ouest 24-05-1694 et 15-06-1706, engageur Ouest 16-09-1712.

ROBERTfamily name, surname.
dit LAFONTAINEnickname or title or in this case "dit" = "a.k.a." (also known as).
this sign means deceased at the time of the event. In the case of parents, which is this example, it means that they were deceased before Louis' marriage. Hence very likely before he actually immigrated to Canada.How else would he know ?
Andréfather's name.
marchandmerchant, the father's profession.
Catherine Boninmother's name and maiden surname. In the French culture, the wife retains her maiden name in recorded documents, although she would be called Mrs. Robert in daily life.
bbaptisé=baptized, not born. The catholic sacrament registered at the church. Louis's baptism of course.
12-08-1638date of baptism, using the International standard of DD-MM-YYYY.
Ste-Margueriteusually the name of the village of baptism, but in this case name of the parish. See next item.
v.ville = town or city. When this sign is used, it means that the previous name was either a parish or, rarely, a neighbourhood of the city, of which the name follows.
ar.arrondissement = area of... in the case where "v." has already been used this becomes redondant but it is still used for the sake of consistency.It is only used to help locate little unknown villages in relation to larger better known places. It does not have any cadastral meaning.
év.évêché = catholic diocese to which the parish and/or city belongs. In this case it has the same name as the city, otherwise its name would have been given as well.
La Rochellename of the city of origin, in which is the parish of Ste-Marguerite.
Aunisname of the Province under the Old Regime.
(Charente-Maritime)name of today's French "département", the administrative region.
ddécès = death
01date of death, in this case the first of the date that follows. In this case the date of death is 01-01-1711
ssépulture = burial
02-01-1711date of burial
Bouchervilleplace of burial. It can be safely assumed that death occurred nearby or at the same place, but not always...
au rec 67 à Trois-Rivièresat the 1667 census Louis was at Trois-Rivières
cordonniershoemaker. Profession declared at the census of 1681.
[AG-LaR, MSGCF (114):219-220]written source references of importance about Louis Robert. Explanations are given on page XXIV of the Dictionnaire.
"tree"the tree means that this marriage is the first of the line in Canada.
25-01-1666date of marriage.
Trois-Rivières place of marriage.
(ct 10 Ameau)contrat=contract, the notarized marriage contract entered in the minutes of notary Ameau, registered on the 10th of the same month and year as the marriage.
Bourgery, MarieBride's surname and name
n 19 b 21-08-1671né=born on the 19th of the same month and year as the "b" that follows.
engagé Ouest 24-05-1694engagé=engaged=employed. Hence there is a document, registered on 24-05-1694, showing that Pierre engaged his services to somebody else for the fur trade to the West. The West meant the whole area between Hudson Bay, the Missouri Valley and Louisiana.
engageur Ouest 16-09-1712engageur=employer. Pierre this time became the employer in the same type of trade.

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