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Hi, my name is Lawrence. If you are wondering how this web page came to be, here's how it happened. When I was a kid my two favorite cartoons were Battle of the Planets and later Robotech. Robotech particularily impressed me as it was a realistic story with detail and complex plot continuity and although it was watched mostly by kids it was never childish. I always knew that there were more Japanese animated series like this but it wasn't until the Internet came about that I was able to find lots of other people who were interested in this area. One day I was looking at the TV guide and saw the title "Sailor Moon" which I knew from my Internet reading was a Japanese anime (cartoon). I watched it and was disappointed to find that it seemed to be a show for little girls (which I'm not). A week or so later I was looking for something to watch on TV during breakfast and I came across Sailor Moon again. This time there were three "Sailor Scouts" instead of one and I became curious about how the story was developing (serialized cartoons were very rare on TV at that time). After that Sailor Moon became my breakfast TV show every day. Around this time the world wide web was a relatively new thing (I was getting most of my info from FreeNet newsgroups and FTP archives) and I started writing web pages. I had also joined a newly formed anime club and was being introduced to lots of great titles like Tenchi Muyo (long before it was on TV!), Maison Ikkoku, Ranma1/2 and Patlabor. I wanted to write a web page about anime but there were no shows that I really had any special information about, except for a couple of things I'd noticed while watching Sailor Moon. I combined that with comparisons of the episodes I'd seen against Internet postings about the Japanese episodes and that's how this web page started. At first, these pages were part of a general personal web page my friend and I wrote that was called 'Castle in the Sky'. However, the Sailor Moon part was so popular it had to be split off onto a separate server that could handle the load without costing too much! The other parts of Castle in the Sky are long-gone but I do maintain other web pages.

A lot of sources contributed to the information that I have written for this site over the years. For the most part the information on this site is based on the TV version of Sailor Moon as broadcast by Global and later YTV. I made heavy use of fan-translations by people like Val Lam, Hitoshi Doi, Alex Glover, and many others who are thanked in specific pages throughout this site. I also owe a great deal of my anime enjoyment to UTARPA and BAKA and to the generous folks who've made the various fan-translations that I've enjoyed over the years.

I presently live in Ottawa, Canada. My real job is in scientific research which you can read about if you want to courtesy of PubMed.

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