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Character Names & What they Mean

English Name
   Japanese Name
   Sailor Name
Serena Tsukino Usagi (Tsukino Usagi) Sera Muun (Sailor Moon)
Amy Mizuno Ami (Mizuno Ami) Sera Maakyuri (Sailor Mercury)
Raye Hino Rei (Hino Rei) Sera Masu (Sailor Mars)
Lita Kino Makoto (Kino Makoto) Sera Jupitaa (Sailor Jupiter)
Mina Aino Minako (Aino Minako) Sera Biinasu (Sailor Venus)

tsuki means "moon" and usagi means rabbit.  These words are a reference to the Japanese custom of seeing the shape of a rabbit in the face of the full moon.  In fact if you write out Serena's Japanese name tsuki no usagi using a different Japanese symbol for the no sound, it would mean "rabbit of the moon".  According to this legend, the rabbit lives on the moon and makes mochi (a sticky treat made by pounding sweet rice).  In the modern Japanese calender tsuki is also the symbol for Monday.

mizu or sui means "water".  sei means star or heavenly body.  suisei is the Japanese name for the planet Mercury. This symbol also means Tuesday.

hi or ka means "fire".  kasei means the planet Mars. This symbol also means Wednesday.

ki or moku means "tree".  mokusei means the planet Jupiter. This symbol also means Thursday.

  ai means "love".  mi or bi means "beautiful".  The name for the planet Venus in Japanese is kinsei (kin means "gold" and is also the symbol for Friday).  However, because Japanese symbols (kanji) can have more than one pronunciation, mi-na-ko can also be read as bi-na-subinasu is how Japanese would pronounce the word "Venus".

Sera (Sailor) is written phonetically.  These Japanese symbols are called katakana and they have no meaning except for their sound.  The Sailor Identities always use English planet names. 

English Name   Japanese Name   Sailor Name

Rini (Chibi-Usa) (Sailor Chibi Moon)
Trista (Meiou Setsuna) (Sailor Pluto)
Amara (Tenou Haruka) (Sailor Uranus)
Michelle (Kaiou Michiru) (Sailor Neptune)
Hotaru (Tomoe Hotaru) (Sailor Saturn)

chibi means "little" or "mini". Rini/Chibi-Usa has the same name as Serena/Usagi so she is called by a nickname instead. "Rini" is short for the name "Serena". Chibi-Usa is a short-form/nickname for the name Usagi.

meiou means "underworld king" Pluto was god of the underworld in ancient Roman mythology. The large symbols used to write the word meiou are called kanji. The small symbols above the the kanji are called furigana (this is a special use of the hiragana alphabet). Furigana specify the correct pronounciation for the kanji. Furigana is mostly used in children's books; adults are expected to know the kanji from memory. However furigana is also used to specify the reading when kanji is used in an unusual or uncommon way.

tenou means "sky king" Uranus was the god of the skies in ancient Roman mythology.

kaiou means "ocean king" Neptune was the god of the oceans in ancient Roman mythology.

tomoe is the Japanese word for "Saturn", hotaru means "firefly"

There are multiple ways to represent Japanese using the English alphabet, the names of the outer planet soldiers can also be spelled Meioh, Tenoh and Kaioh.

English Name
   Japanese Name
Darien Chiba Mamoru (Chiba Mamoru)
Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Kamen (Takishido Kamen)
Moonlight Knight Tsukikage no Knight
Prince Darien Prince Endymion

Chi means "earth" or "ground".  Chikyuu means "planet Earth".  Mamoru means "protect".  Kamen means "mask" and tsukikage means "moonlight". The name Endymion comes from an ancient legend recorded by the Greeks and Romans. Endymion was a mortal man who was beloved by the goddess of the moon. Some legends say that Endymion gained immortal sleep and lives eternally in the land of dreams.

Birthdays & Blood Types

 Japanese Name
English Name
Blood Type
Tsukino Usagi Serena June 30 Cancer O
Mizuno Ami Amy September 10 Virgo A
Hino Rei Raye April 17 Aries AB
Kino Makoto Lita December 5 Sagittarius O
Aino Minako Mina October 22 Libra B
Chiba Mamoru Darien August 3 Leo A

Chibi-Usa Rini June 30 Cancer O
Meiou Setsuna Trista October 29 Scorpio A
Tenou Haruka Amara January 27 Aquarius B
Kaiou Michiru Michelle March 6 Pisces O
Tomoe Hotaru Hotaru January 6 Capricorn AB

The girl's names, birthdays, zodiac signs, personalities, and special powers are all related to the planet that they are the soldier of.  In ancient Roman mythology, Mercury was associated with science and commerce, Mars with war, Jupiter with thunder and lightning, and Venus with love. In ancient Japanese tradition there were considered to be five elements: air, water, fire, wood, and metal. The colors (white, blue, red, brown/green, and gold) and to some degree the superpowers of the girls correspond to these five elements.

What is the significance of blood type in Japan?

Other Characters

Japanese Name English Name Meaning
Luna Luna Moon (Latin)
Artemis Artemis Goddess of Hunting and the Moon (Greek Mythology)
Diana Diana  Goddess of Hunting and the Moon (Roman Mythology)


Japanese Name English Name Identity
Osaka Naru Molly Baker Serena's red haired friend
Furuhata Motoki Andrew Works at the arcade
Umino Gurio Melvin The school dweeb
Tuxedo Umino Kamen  Tuxedo Melvin The school dweeb trying to be a hero
Urawa Ryo Greg The boy who likes Amy
Tsukino Shingo Sammy Serena's brother
Tsukino Ikuko Mom Serena's Mom
Tsukino Kenji Dad Serena's Dad
Kayama Mika Mika Cassidy Sammy's friend
Sakurada Haruna Patricia Haruna Serena's schoolteacher
Kumada Yuuichirou Chad Grandpa's "assistant"
Reika Rita Andrew's girlfriend
Shinozaki Ken Lita's friend

Dark Kingdom Enemies

Japanese Name English Name  
Dark Kingdom Negaverse All the Dark Kingdom villains are named after semi-precious stones or minerals. Jadeite and Nephrite are the names of the two main varieties of Jade. 
Queen Beryl Queen Beryl
Jadeite Jadeite
Nephrite Nephrite
Zoisite Zoisite
Kunzite Malachite

Doom Tree Aliens

Ail/Ginga Seijuurou Alan  
Ann/Ginga Natsumi Ann In Japanese, Ail and Ann are their real names, Seijuurou and Natsumi are their aliases while at school!

Dark Moon Enemies

Japanese Name English Name Identity
Rubeus Rubeus Red hair
Ayakashi Cooan Catsy Big purple hair
Ayakashi Beruche Birdie Light blue outfit
Ayakashi Karaberas Avery Tight yellow top
Ayakashi Petz Prisma Green hair
Esmerodo Emerald Long green hair
Prince Dimando Prince Diamond Prince of the Dark Moon family
Safiel Saphire Prince Dimando's brother

Japanese Name Meaning English Version
Bishoujou Senshi Sera Muun Pretty Girl Soldier "Sailor Moon" Sailor Moon
Sera Senshi (or Sera Temu) "Sailor" Soldiers (or "Sailor Team") Sailor Scouts

How people are addressed in Japanese

Here is some vocabulary that you are likely to come across when reading about Japanese stories.

In Japanese and Chinese, the family name is written first and the given name is written second.  Japanese people don't usually have middle names.  Japanese names are almost always used with a title.  The title is a suffix like -san or -chan-san basically means Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.  Surnames (family names) are always used except when talking to personal friends or family.

Politeness Suffix Examples
Most Polite -sama The villians call Beryl, Queen Beryl-sama.  Sailor Moon calls Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Kamen-sama.
Professionals -sensei Used for teachers, doctors, or anyone who is an expert or leader in their field.  Miss Haruna the schoolteacher is called Haruna-sensei or just Sensei.
Normal Politeness -san The "default" suffix for most situations.
Senior Students -senpai Title for an older schoolmate.  It implies someone you look up to or whose example you follow.  Although it's a formal term, it's also used amongst friends.  Sometimes used by girls even to address their own boyfriends if that boyfriend is in an upper grade.  Makoto (Lita) calls her "old boyfriend" senpai.
Less formal -kun Used to address a male who is a friend, or to address someone junior to yourself in a workplace/business setting.
Least Formal -chan A cute suffix indicating a close friendly relationship.  Usually, but not exclusively, used for girl's names.  In Sailor Moon, the girls call each other Usagi-chan, Mako-chan, Ami-chan, etc.
Pet Names -chan When they are together Usagi calls Mamoru Mamo-chan.  -chan can be used for anything cute like children, babies, or pets.
Pet Names -ko Mamoru calls Usagi Usako (-ko is a feminine ending)

Note: Not using any suffix indicates a close relationship which could include family, childhood friends, or adult lovers.  Sensei and Senpai can be used by themselves or as a suffix added to someone's name.

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